There has bee some fun surf in Texas as of late, and if you didn’t catch any of Tropical Storm Issac’s swell you can check out some pictures that our friend G-Scott captured in the surf. We were also stoked when one of our readers Jackson Baugh shared with us his video covering the TGSA 2012 State Championships that took place at Bob Hall Pier. He shot some great footage with an awesome soundtrack. We are off to Mexico later this week for a two week surf trip to Baja, and hope that everyone is staying stoked and getting waves out there in Texas!

Description from YouTube Clip:

A few shots of the TGSA 2012 State Championships at Bob Hall Pier. I recommend watching in HD720p setting for best image quality. I would’t call it a highlight reel as much as random fun, a few good rides, and a couple of awesome wipeouts. This was Tara’s first attempt at filming surfing. Not bad for some iPhone video shot on the fly. The song featured in the video is “Out at Sea” by The Heartless Bastards. Thanks to TGSA & all of the sponsors for another great season. We hope you enjoy watching our first surfing documentary short. This video is for entertainment & educational purposes only. Feel free to share. To learn more about Texas Gulf Surfing Association, visit:

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