Photo By Quicksilver: New York State of Mind

We all know that there ain’t no surf in Texas, but did you know that New York is flat as well? If you did, you are not alone.

Apparently most New Yorkers themselves do not believe that their home State has surf, and believe that the only thing that most New Yorkers ride is the subway. This is common for people outside of New York as well. When people think about surfing, New York is not on the radar for most (neither is Texas by the way).

Quicksilver and many other New York surfers know the truth about surfing in New York (you can find surf 30 minutes from Manhattan), and will finally be getting exposure for this forgotten coastline. Most people will be surprised to learn that New York produces solid surf, and is now the 6th stop on the ASP 2011 World Tour. This will be the first ever stop on the East Coast, and with $1 million dollars up for grabs, the level of surfing at this event may change people’s minds once and for all about surfing in the empire State.

Maybe next year we will see a stop on the ASP tour in Texas? Probably not, but I think Texas Surfers are happy keeping their 400 miles of coast “flat” for the time being. Here is a video from Quicksilver documenting New York’s lack of surf.

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