Photo From The Caller: Shawn Hamilton, 14, was bitten multiple times by a shark July 7 near Mustang Island. He was taken to the emergency room of Corpus Christi Medical Center for treatment.

What was planned as a fishing trip for the Hamilton family turned into a nightmarish weekend when their son Shawn was attacked by a bull shark on July 7th near Mustang Island. The shark attack occurred in waist high water off the second sandbar between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas near beach access road 2. Shawn was bit on his foot, and received 54 stitches. Here is a snippet of the article from The Caller, and you can view all of the information on their website.

We’re a fishing family, and we understand that every time we step foot in the water, there is a possibility of something like that happening,” Hamilton said. “(You’re) part of the food chain once you get out there. We try to take all the necessary precautions.”

The International Shark Attack File, a global database on shark attacks, asks that individuals who experience or witness a shark attack fill out a questionnaire about the incident.

In Shawn’s report, it states that he yelled “Shark!” several times as he saw what appeared to be a 5-foot bull shark approaching him on the water’s surface.

Shawn was jumping around trying to fend off the shark, and he was bit on his right foot and shin.

“It was really like a sharp knife just going through your skin,” Shawn said. “You don’t feel it that much, but you knew it was there.”

Shawn and his father had assumed he had caught the shark, but they came to the conclusion that he did not, nor did he catch a fish the shark was chasing.

“I was reeling in my bait just making sure the line was tight,” Shawn said. “All of a sudden, I see this shark come at me. … I felt it pound against my leg and I started jumping up and down.”

Hamilton thought his son was shouting because he was scared by seeing a shark swim by.

“I never knew an attack was going on. I thought he was in panic,” he said.

After the attack, Hamilton and his wife, Ronda, took Shawn to the beach, poured a gallon of distilled water on the wounds, wrapped two beach towels around his foot and leg and took him to Corpus Christi Medical Center.

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