Goofy Foot Shark: Photo by Wade Dunkin

After coming across Rob Nixon’s article about Wade Dunkin, I couldn’t help but become fixated on the image taken by Wade of a massive shark surfing a wave. Wade also has some great non-shark pictures that you can view here. As I continued to read comments from local Texas surfers about shark spottings at their local breaks, I wanted to see whether or not it was a ploy to scare people off. I looked to the experts at the Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department to put my mind at ease. I found that Texas in general was a good place to be a Surfer if your only fear is being eaten by a shark.

World Map of Shark Attacks Since 1911

With only 34 attacks (2 of them being fatal) since 1911, it is safe to say that you are probably going to have a shark free session in Texas. If you were in Florida, where there have been 623 attacks in that same time period, I would say you might have some company. As far as any surf trips you may be taking, Australia has the most fatal attacks with 131, followed by Africa and Asia. Your safest (non-fatal) destinations would be Europe, New Zealand, or Hawaii. As far as Texas goes, the only fatal attacks occurred in Galveston and Cameron County, with the latest being in Cameron in 1962.

Texas Map of Shark Attachks Since 1911

Overall, if you are worried about risking your life for blown out 2 foot windy close outs, it most likely will not be your last session.

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