We are always stoked on Jon Steele, and the recent video “don’t mess with Texas” and article featured in Transworld Surf highlights some of the finer points of the Texas surfing lifestyle. With surfing, hunting, and skating, the only thing missing is a case of Lone Star beer (we are sure there were many consumed for the making of this video). Here is a snippet of the article along with the video (warning graphic violence in the video) and you can view the full article about Texas surfers here. Also make sure you check out Jon Steele’s blog as well.

From Transworld Surf:

Texas has two seasons you can really count on for surf. Spring and fall are when the majority of the weather systems are moving in Texans favor to create waves and the air temps are more bearable in the Lone Star State. The beaches are still warm, the water temperature has yet to drop, hunting season is open and very accessible in between days the surf goes flat. Cold fronts are starting to set up for the year, which will create offshores for hourly sessions before tearing all resemblance of waves to blustery nothingness.

During the last week of October and prior to the start of early fall cold fronts, Texas born photographer Jon Steele and Laguna Beach surfer/ skater Mike Morrissey ventured back to Corpus Christi, Texas. Read the rest

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