After 3 years in the making, Brian Conley takes viewers on a very deep ride from inside the tube. Brian began surfing as a young child, and his hometown is Solana Beach, CA.  Brian has been featured on the covers of both Surfer Magazine and Trans World Surf. If you are looking for new surf movie to get you amped, and something that will give a you first person point of view from inside the shade of the barrel; then you will certainly enjoy this series as  Brian hunts for the very best tubes and deepest pits across the globe.

The box set dvd collection contains all three movies (My Eyes Won’t Dry Volumes I, II, and III), and travels to some of the best waves on the planet. He journeys deep into Baja and Mainland Mexico, The  Pacific and Indian Oceans, and many more. One of our favorite segments includes heavy breaks from Mainland Mexico spanning all the way to Central America’s A-Frames peaks and point breaks.

Nearly all of the surfing footage is filmed from Brian’s point of view, and if you are looking for some new school tricks and carves, this film will not excite you. If you are looking for some blue shade, trippy tunes, heavy surf, and some guts to charge some of the heaviest waves on the planet, then this film will have you planning your next trip in no time. You can purchase this package below, and we suggest you get out of the sun and into the shade!

Here is a preview from the latest installment of My Eyes Won’t Dry III:

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