Blacktip Shark Padre Island National Seashore Texas Photo Credit:

An Angler Reels in a Blacktip Shark Padre Island National Seashore Texas Photo Credit:

Surfing in Texas is dedicated to providing Texas surfers and beach goers real time updates on shark attacks in Texas, to prove that the odds of you coming into a contact with a shark in Texas is very low while surfing or swimming on a Texas beach. However, if you are out looking for sharks like the Galveston angler who was recently pulled out into the Gulf roughly 7 miles on his kayak while fishing, then eventually you will find one….

After taking his Kayak out in the early AM at Jamaica Beach, the angler was about a mile out to see when he hooked a nine foot blacktip shark. The shark was pulling the same direction as the current, and by the time he was able to unhook from the large shark he was at Indian beach, which is about 7 miles from Jamaica beach where he originally hooked the Texas blacktip shark. While the angler could have let go of his rod at anytime, that is not the normal action for Texas shark fisherman, and we are stoked that the only problem the angler encountered was a long walk back to where he started the morning.

For more information on sharks in Texas you can you view our Texas shark sightings and attacks page, that include recent shark at Packery Channel, and the recent shark attack at Surfside beach, TX.

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