HOMER, Alaska – Glancing toward the shoreline on a drive down Homer Spit Road, it’s not uncommon to see surfers and kayakers enjoying Homer’s surf during the summer.

Now that winter is here, they’re still at it. And despite how many times they are asked, “isn’t it cold?” it’s still apparently not – when surfers are preparing themselves for temperatures ranging from -5 to 35 degrees, with a wind chill factor. Not in Homer, and now as a result of their epic surf trip, Homer resident Scott Dickerson assures us, not anywhere in the Gulf of Alaska.

Iceman surfs Homer, photo surfalaska.net

Four local surfers, including Mike McCune, Don “Iceman” McNamara,Scott and Stephanie Dickerson, and Donna Rae Faulkner, the groups’ chef, hopped on board the M/V Milo on Nov. 18. Scott’s brother, Fred, visiting from Australia, also joined, along with friend and business partner, Matt McNeill. The two documented the entire journey, capturing everything from fishing for dinner to catching Thanksgiving Day waves in Yakutat. They plan to release the documentary, “Alaska Sessions,” next year.

The group planned to spend five weeks pioneering surf breaks in the Gulf of Alaska. Starting in Sitka, they spent three days surfing and preparing the M/V Milo in between sessions. The boat itself helps tell an important story in the documentary. It is a decommissioned commercial fishing boat from the National Marine Fisheries Service boat buy-back program. Its own epic journey from San Francisco took a year and a half, with a few stops along the way, to make it to its proud new owner, McCune.

“The main plot of ‘Alaska Sessions’ will be about Mike purchasing the boat and getting his boat from Sitka to Homer, with the product of the trip being the surfing that is the entertaining part,” said Fred Dickerson.

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