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Jim Moriarty is the CEO of the Surfrider Foundation and an innovative leader in the environmental and action sports communities. From a skateboarding punk-rock kid to an architect of the early days of e-commerce, Moriarty is obsessed with building companies and organizations around notable and world-altering ideas. Jim’s job as CEO of the Surfrider Foundation melds his passions for environmental awareness, action sports and big ideas. His vision is clear: Create a global movement of coastal environmental awareness and action. Jim resides in Solana Beach, and when he’s not working, he can be found riding waves at his home break in Cardiff Reef.

What are you working on right now?

Surfrider is coming off a strategic plan that netted 150 coastal victories in the past five years. We’re shifting gears to keep this momentum going but put an even larger focus on connecting people to our coastal needs. In one word, we’re focused on “engagement.” This spans from low-friction, easy engagement all the way to leadership training.

What are some of the big projects you and Surfrider are working on in the New Year?

Everything points to engaging people on the coasts. We also love things that scale well, which points to more digital projects. We’ll be launching “Where’s your beach?” to connect people to coastal towns and the relevant issues. We’re also reinventing our website, developing new activist tool sets and finding new ways for people to engage and stay updated on Foundation happenings and campaigns.

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