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Texas !/! via @whoisjob

We were stoked to find out that pro surfer Jamie O’ Brien is currently in Texas on a mission to go Tanker Surfing! Following Jamie’s path on twitter and instagram, Jamie started his cross country journey at Coachella, and has been road tripping all the way to Texas to score some tanker waves ever since! Keep an eye out for Jamie down in G-Town tanker surfing! Here are some pics of how Jamie and his crew with Redbull roll! Welcome to Texas!

UPDATED: Surfing in Texas has been following Jamie O’ Brien as he scored some Texas surf for his upcoming project whoisjob3.0. Once Jamie made it to G-Town, he scored some awesome tanker surfing in Texas for two days. Follow that up with some wakesurfing, Jamie then headed to Bob Hall Pier where he caught some nice (windy) Texas surf before heading up to Austin for the  Moto Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas. Jamie O’ Brien’s final two stops in Texas were the Texas Ski Ranch, and the standing river wave in Central Texas. So stoked Jamie was in Texas, and we can’t wait to see his latest project whoisjob3.0 once it is released. You can follow Jamie on Twitter and Instagram to see the rest of his travels.

(Updated) Photos from Jamie’s trip to Texas via Whoisjob on Instagram:

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