Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.50.50 PMThe Project: The Texas surfing community is starving for fantastic surf. While swells (i.e. sets of rideable waves) occasionally provide an incredible environment for our growing community to enjoy the power of the ocean, the surf is typically poor. Many Texas surfers resort to riding the waves created by passing ships because the surf is simply too flat. Surf Republic aims to solve that problem by being the premier surfing wave pool in Texas, providing a controlled environment for surfers, young and old, to ride the waves together. This project will be beneficial to the local community in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Help boost business to local surf shops and shapers
  • Help increase Texas tourism
  • Promote health and fitness
  • Add a unique quality of life amenity to the area
  • Offer both residents and tourists an unparalleled surfing experience

By reaching the goal of $15,000, we can afford to put together the early stage concept models, concept master plan and renderings needed to make Surf Republic a reality. This campaign is just one small aspect of a promising bigger picture, so any additional funds pledged will go towards:

  • Enhanced rewards for backers like YOU!
  • Site discovery
  • Site Feasibility and Environmental Impact studies
  • Economic Impact and Tourism Analysis
  • Any staffing, professional and legal fees associated with the project

For inspiration on how to build this project, I travelled through Dubai to Wadi Adventure (Al Ain, UAE), a wave pool that attracts surfers from around the world. It inspired me to approach Houston Area Economic Development officials and top surf company CEOs. This project has even attracted the attention of Select Contracts, a company that was instrumental in the success of Wadi Adventure.

Pledgers will be instrumental in making sure the future is bright for the growing community of dedicated surfers in Texas. Every dollar pledged is one step closer to creating a wonderful place for everyone in Houston to venture into and appreciate the world of surfing.
The Rewards:

Pledgers will get gifts for helping to bring Surf Republic into the world.

Find out about all of the packages and view the Kickstarter here.

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