Becoming a professional surfer when you grow up is a dream that many share. For those who are Longboarders, you may want to think twice about your career path. Last years champ Harley Ingleby is an accomplished Longboarder, and yet the “Current world champion Harley Ingleby is reported to have earned little more than $30,000 during last season’s reign”. This is less than an Assistant Store Manager at Starbucks ($34,000), and is a tough salary to live on.

“It sucks for the young guys now. It’s a beautiful sport to watch. We were lucky,” said Thomas, whose surf school business is booming and who is now midway through a teaching degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

“The surf wear companies soon realised that they didn’t have to market to middle-aged guys who make up the majority of long boarders. They were going to follow what their kids wore anyway.

“We took it to a new level but we were following the short boards. It’s heading back to a more traditional style.

“It sucks but marketing managers adhering to budgets aren’t going to put money into selling 2000 pairs of board shorts to old guys.

“Long boarding is what it is. It won’t get any bigger.”

You can read the full article from Noosa News here, and also see more of the world champ Harley Ingleby at his website here.

Here is a snippet from one of Harley’s latest videos “Home”:

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