Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to be the more dangerous animal than sharks year after year. In 2012, 53 people were victims of shark attacks in the United States (there were 80 shark attacks worldwide), killing 7, while 70 MILLION sharks were killed by people in 2012. 53 reported shark attacks last year was the highest attack level since 2000; and we are stoked to report that luckily there were no shark attacks reported in Texas in 2012. Florida was again at the top of the list with 26 shark attacks, with Hawaii next at 10, and South Carolina and California rounding out the top with 5 shark attacks in 2012. We encourage you to see more about the odds of being attacked by a shark and Texas shark attack statistics to help you rest assured that the odds are in your favor that you most likely will not be the victim of a shark attack while surfing in Texas.



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