paddle through itWe are super stoked on Daniel Loveland’s documentary Paddle Through It: A Texas Surf Film. The film covers the history of surfing in Texas (that is unknown to most), which starts with the beginning of surfing Texas’ beaches in the 50′s and 60′s, and then follows the sport’s  progression to the present, highlighting the many stereotypes that face modern day Texas surfers and their culture.

The film is filled with great insights from local Texas surfers like John Olvey, Gscott, Nathan and Frank Floyd, Morgan Faulkner, and much more. Nathan Floyd jokes that the gulf coast is the “armpit of the surfing world”, and G Scott talks about Tanker surfing in Texas, which Faulkner comments that tanker surfing in Texas is more of a novelty thing vs. the real waves that Texas surfers stay stoked on throughout the year. Catch the full film below, along with behind the scenes footage and more. Stoked!

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