Learn to fly with Mike!

Mike Wagner has been a commercial diver, surfer, and avid waterman in Port Aransas (Port A) for over 15 yrs, but his career literally ‘took off’ when he began kiteboarding. Sponsored by Liquid Force,  Mike finds kiteboarding to be one of the most rewarding board sports for those willing to put the time in to learn. Says Wagner, “I always say that kiteboarding is the most versatile sport you will ever learn based on everything you can do with a kite from huge waves, flat water rails, wakeskating, snow kiting, etc. “

With sketchy waves, constant winds, and a variety of water habitats, the combination of board and kite was a natural move for Port A resident Wagner who has been kite surfing since the dawn of the sport.  Traveling all over the world, kiteboarding in some of the most difficult and challenging locations, Mike has been at the heart of a constantly evolving sport.

At the core of every surfer lies passion about the water. Like all things that live in the realm of feeling that passion is easy to experience but difficult to express. Mike decided the best way to share his passion for the water and kiteboarding would be to help create that experience in others and Port A H20 was born.

Whether whether you are a Texas surfer, or have never been in the ocean, Port A H20 has an experience for you. If you have been on the beach wondering what it would feel like to be out in the line up at Packery Channel, or been at Horace Caldwell Pier and were curious what it would feel like to be on the business end of a kite, or ever wanted to experience the finer points of  stand up paddleboarding (SUP), Mike has got an experience for you.

Besides lessons Port A H20 also offers rentals for those who don’t have their own gear or want to try out some new gear before investing in it.

Learn to SUP in Port A

Stand Up Paddling has grown tremendously in Texas, and Port A H20 offers stand up paddleboarding lessons and rentals. “One of the reasons I got into SUP” says Mike,  “is that it is a great way for almost anyone to get out on the water and can be learned very quickly…. SUP has so much potential in the south Texas area and i wanted to open peoples eyes to how versatile a paddle board can be“. Port Aransas offers great flat water paddling and endless places to explore. With the size and transportation issues with large stand up paddleboards, Port  A H20 has boards available  for pick up and drop off right at the water along with suggestions of areas to explore from the unique perspective that SUP offers.

Whatever your level of experience, if you are looking to kitesurf, SUP, or surf in Port Aransas (Port A) or the Corpus Christi area, Mike and his crew will be able to hook you up with all the gear you will need and the quality of instruction that will have you up and out on the water in no time so that you can catch your own stoke!

For more information about Port A H20 lessons, rentals, etc. check out their website at  PortAransasWatertime.com

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