H20 Yoga 3Port A H2O recently started a once a month SUP YOGA class in Port Aransas with yoga instructor Nancy Myers.  Boards are provided by port A H2O and anyone who has not paddled is given a lesson before the class begins.  Whether you have done an extensive amount of yoga or none at all Nancy is great at instructing the class accordingly.  Also, if you have never paddled and are experienced at yoga this is your opportunity to do some yoga and learn to paddle at the same time.  Next class will be June 5th, sign up with Mike Wagner at Port A H2O through Facebook.

H20 Yoga 2 H20 Yoga

Mike Wagner

About Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner, has been an accomplished kiteboarder for 10 years. At Port A H20 you will get 1 on 1 instruction from a professional rider that is passionate about the sport of kiteboarding. Having spent years in the Hawaiian islands riding and progressing he is now teaching in Texas again!


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