Steel Straps 2 boardsGone are the days when you can throw a couple of boards on top of your car and forget about them for the day. Literally, they will be gone, if not that day, someday when someone decides to take them. We have had friends that have had surfboards stolen on several beaches in Texas, once even off the top of the car while a friend was camping on the beach sleeping in it! Luckily their boards were recovered (kudos to the local police departments), but it is better to not have to worry about surfboard theft in Texas. This is why we were super stoked to demo Steelcore security surf straps.

photo(2)We tried out the racks on top of our roof racks, where we ran the 12′ Steelcore locking straps through the roof rack like we would with normal straps. The main difference was after we strapped them down, we were able to lock the strap and rest easy knowing that the straps were made with the equivalent of steel cable¬† (stronger actually)! A nice touch was the neoprene jacket to hide the locking latch, and protect the car from being damaged. We also tested out the strap with a SUP, Kayak, and locking the strap to the back of our pickup. All worked great, and would give any Texas surfer confidence to lock your boards securely to your vehicle, without the fear (or thought in the back of your mind) that someone may steal your surfboard. Based on our usage over the past several weeks, we highly¬†suggest that you pick up a pair of Steelcore locking straps (and support a Texas company!), and give yourself the peace of mind that your boards are safe and sound while you are away.

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