Normally a red tide is something that surfers steer clear from, but when that red tide turns into a disco party at night it is time to partake! For the last two weeks the red tide has started a “bio-luminescence” effect, where the crash of a wave or a surfer on a wave creates a neon blue light effect, and a free light show in the water for spectators. San Diego has been the center of attraction for beach goers for the last two weeks, with many flocking to the beach to view the red tide that started appearing profusely on the coast.

These single-celled organisms are red algae called phytoplankton, and as a whole create the red tide. In the day, the water turns a reddish brown that looks very dirty, but by night it is quite the site to see. Red tides are also common in Texas, but this purple blueish glow is something that is truly unique and rare. Surfers and swimmers should not be afraid to be in the water during a red tide, as these single-celled organisms are nontoxic and don’t pose any harm to those swimming or surfing. Scientists do recommend that you don’t drink or gulp the water (common sense applies) during a red tide.

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