A keen surfer braved ‘ruff’ seas at the weekend to hop on his board and ride the crest of a wave – with his PET DOG. Surfer Michael Naish, 22, taught Jack Russell Oli to balance on his board as he took to the surf in Sidmouth, Devon.

He swam out with the four-year-old Jack Russell as an ‘experiment’ – but said the pet took an instant shine to the waves.

Michael, who is studying quantity surveying at Reading University, said: ”It was the first time I had ever taken Oli out surfing with me.”It was a bit of an experiment really, but Oli loved it.

”He adores the water and wasn’t scared at all. I think he got cold towards the end and he started climbing on me.”

Michael insists he has proved you can teach an old dog new tricks and is now keen to transform Oli into a ‘fully fledged’ surf hound.

He said: ”Jack Russells are meant to be the best breed for training and one day I would like to be a surf instructor so I might as well start by teaching Oli.”

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