For those in North Texas, the Gulf Coast and the window for scoring Texas Surf is quite the venture. For those who can’t make the long trip, Stand Up Paddling is becoming more and more popular in Northern Texas (NTX). There are even Meet Ups for those looking to SUP, or learn how to SUP. On top of this, rentals will be available at most of the major spots for SUP starting in March, and SUPNTX is now providing great access to the sport. This is great news for Northern Texas, and we are hoping that SUPNTX gains popularity like it has in Austin, TX. You can view our article covering Austin and SUPATX here.

Also, if you visit, they are having their annual 9 mile endurance SUP contest that you can register for. Here is a recent article where you can view all the rental loations from Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine:

SUP North Texas (SUP NTX) will be OPENING SUP NTX’s Rental Stations, starting dates 1st week in March 2011. Lake Grapevine, Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Ray Hubbard. Roaming DEMO’s at White Rock Lake, Lake Lewisville, Cedar Creek Lake, Lake Texoma and MORE and MORE… Read rest of the article here.  Also make sure to visit SUPNTX at


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