The fastest growing sport in the USA is Stand Up Paddling (SUP). According to the Outdoor Industry Association, the sport has grown by 900% in the last year alone. To put the popularity of SUP into perspective, last year paddle boards outsold surf boards for the first time ever. Rob Casey is a longtime stand up paddler and instructor, and has put together a comprehensive guide to SUP. It will help you stand up paddle in all conditions, including in the ocean (paddle surfing as well), rivers, and lakes.

The guide helps you cover various aspects of SUP from start to finish. Whether you are an advanced stand up paddler, or a beginner, this guide will help learn or enhance your skills while making sure you practice the sport safely. It covers in depth: stroke techniques, choosing the right SUP gear, surfing, river and tidal rapids paddling, racing, injury prevention, SUP fitness, and ultimately will teach you to be aware of what your skill levels are for various SUP conditions.

The guide has various interviews with top stand up paddlers, and has a foreword written by Dave Kalama. Dave gives his perspective on SUP, and the long history that the sport has enjoyed. Dave says “It’s interesting that, while stand up paddling has been around in one form or another for ages, the stars have aligned only now in the 21st century to make it popular. Why? I think the general enthusiasm that people have to be outside is stronger these days”. We couldn’t agree with Dave more. Stand up paddling has exploded all over the various waterways throughout Texas, and up and down the coast. We (and pretty much everyone who has tried stand up paddling) see it continuing to grow as more people learn about this great sport that allows you to connect with the water.

We highly suggest that you pick up a copy of Stand Up Paddling: Flatwater to Surf and Rivers, it will enhance your SUP abilities, and if you have never tried the sport give you a great foundation to build upon and become and expert stand up paddler.

You can purchase the guide Here, or on the image below. Remember, Texas is the 5th most popular State for SUP, and you can check out our SUP Forum to find out more information about stand up paddling in Texas! We’ll see you out in the water!


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