EJ winning the dash for cash

Austin, TX – SUP Jam II was held over Memorial Day weekend (founded and operated by Jeff Van Zandt), and it was a great event that provided competitive sup racing, entertainment for the whole family, and a great look at the evolution of the sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP). With 7 races being held, there was some serious competition, mad dashes for cash, family fun, and paddling with your pooch out on Town Lake in Austin, TX.

The big winner of the day was EJ Johnson, who won the Men’s Elite 6 Mile 14′, and the dash for cash. EJ was one of the many who was on a SUP race board vs. the traditional SUP boards that are used for surfing or paddling on a lake. All of the SUP races were exciting to watch, and it was a great vibe between all the racers throughout the day. We were super stoked on the paddling with your pooch race as well (unfortunately there were only two dogs competing…).

Paddle With Your Pooch

Demo boards were available for those looking to try out some of the newest models of boards and paddles. The boards ranged from racing models to training models, to the standard SUP boards that most people use on oceans and waterways. Some of the sponsors that were there in full force were Paddle Zen (their shop is the only SUP shop in Austin directly on the water), Surfrider Foundation Central Texas Chapter, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (awesome as always), SUPATX, and Hovie Sup. With live music after the races followed by an awards ceremony (free gear and schwag was given away to all attending), the day wrapped up with plenty of time to enjoy the day on Town Lake before the after party at the Seaholm Power Plant.

There is another great write up of the event on SUP Gladiator’s blog. We highly recommend you check out his article, as it goes into depth on the competitive aspect of the sport, and you can find a bunch of great SUP articles on his blog as well. SUP Jam III will be next year on May 5th, and we hope to see you out on the water. Here are the results from the competition, and some pictures that we took at this years event.

A great day of racing!

Men’s Elite 6 Mile 14’

EJ Johnson 1:03:57

Chance Uptmore 1:06:23

Matt Thompson 1:07:43

Reid Harrell 1:08:30

David Parsons 1:08:48

Buck Ashcraft 1:09:07

Peter Ching 1:10:02

Chris Culp 1:10:51

Casey Gotcher 1:16:33

EJ winning the 6 mile

Trey Zepeda 1:17:34

Don Holley 1:18:31

Don Anderson 1:21:31

Men’s 3 Mile Open

Bryan Goodnight 0:36:34

Tyler Marshall 0:37:10

Mark Garza 0:37:53

Rob Mckinnie 0:38:14

Hal Leffingwell 0:39:22

Jesse Courtney 0:44:01

Austin is a great place to SUP

Mike Gotcher 0:44:55

Trevor Gotcher 0:44:58

Patrick Moorhead 0:45:50

Adam Miller 0:46:26

Andrew Hall 0:51:45

Ryan Cooper 0:52:37

Justin Yost 0:57:50

Craig Anderson 0:57:57

Men’s Elite 6 Mile 12’6

Tim Valero 1:12:40

Getting ready to race

Bob Talamini 1:16:12

Greg Barre 1:30:21

Women’s 3 Mile Open

Cindy Present 0:38:37

Lori Long 0:42:16

Jenell Volmer 0:44:09

Linda McCoy Shriever 0:44:32

Gretchen Baughman 0:47:06

From the dock

Alexandra Norman 0:48:57

Deana Erdner 0:53:31

Leigh Jedeikin 0:55:09

Diana Broaddus 0:56:39

Tanya Gotcher 0:58:18

Women’s Elite 6 Mile 12’6

Betsy Risner  1:14:35

Brianna Goodnight 1:21:53

Family paddle race

Andie Johnson 1:23:17

Tammy Harbison 1:23:53

Family Tandem Paddle

1st Place: Trace Talamini

2nd Place: Patrick Moorhead

3Rd Place: Kerstin Talamini

Paddle with your Pooch

1st Place: Melissa Kaplan and Oakley

Paddle with your pooch

2nd Place: Heather Barrett and Pasha

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