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Texas Waters (surf film)

Super stoked to see Tommy Witt head to Texas for some fun surf in Austin and Corpus! Full details below. Texas Waters from on Vimeo. Tommy Witt heard rumors of a never ending river wave, perfect for noseriding. He rallied some friends and made the trek to see first-hand what they hype was all …Read the Rest

One Day in Port A – a Look at Surfing in Texas

We are super stoked to see Surfing in Texas come to! Check out this short film shot in Port A. This new video by Evan Adamson gives a peek into the longboard surf culture in Texas. Featuring the stylings of Tegan Gainan, Nate Floyd and Morgan Faulkner. Shot in 1 day over 2 surf …Read the Rest

El Nino Brings Bob Hall Pier Surf

Some sweet footage from Nathan Floyd bringing some POV tubes and great surf with light wind to Bob Hall Pier! el nino 11-17-15 bob hall from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

South Packery Channel Surf (video)

Short clip of a few Texas surfers having fun at South Packery. Great video by Brittany Tupaj. South Packery Channel, Texas 9-27-15 from Brittany Tupaj on Vimeo.

Texas Tanker Surfing

Great new clip from Squidman Productions on their recent Tanker Surfing Trip in Texas. How could you not be stoked after a 14 minute wave! From their Vimeo: I grew up surfing in Texas, but never tried this until recently. What a kick !! … a 14 minute long ride (and could have gone twice …Read the Rest


 From KTRK: The first ever tanker surfing competition took place over the weekend at the Texas City Kite Festival. Surfers turned out to compete, ride ridiculously long waves, and shine a light on a sport unique to the Texas Gulf. The flat, shallow waters and smooth winds off the Gulf already make southeast Texas on …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Footage May

Here is some footage of Nathan Floyd and company shredding! spadre go pro 5-27 from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

Hurricane Surf Texas

Video by Joe Vulgamore – Fun day that I shot for Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine. This piece was used in the 2010 Hurricane Issue.

Corpus Christi Surf Video

Surf on the first day of winter in Corpus Christi, TX, USA. Music “This Train” by Ziggy Marley featuring Willie Nelson

Bob Hall Pier Short Film

Bob Hall Short film with surf and beach life – We Spent it seemed like a whole day at this beautiful place. I think i got some good shots of the people who visit the beach as locals and as tourists as well.

Surfing on Galveston Island

Some fun logging on Galveston Island: Out and about for two days Galveston had blue water and perfect weather. These are a couple of my buddies playing in the surf on 37th St. I hope you enjoy

Surfing at Bob Hall Pier

Some epic surf from Bob Hall Pier in Texas.

Surfing Port A

Here is some surf footage from Port A, Texas.

G- Town Surf

Here’s some G-Town surf footage.

Surfing North and South Packery Channel

Here’s some footage of surfing at North and South Packery Channel in Texas. Trey Skrobarczyk and Mason Melvin took the footage.

Surfing on South Padre Island Texas

If this doesn’t make you want to take the wife and kids surfing on South Padre Island Texas then we don’t know what will. Can’t beat surfing in Texas! Find out more on surfing South Padre Island, TX.

Surfing Matagorda Texas

Some nice footage from surfing Matagorda, Texas. Definitely some stoke being stacked here! Find out more information about surfing in Matagorda, TX.

San Marcos River Surfing

When Who is JOB stopped by Texas he surfed all over in Texas, and one spot that didn’t make the show was the San Marcos river. Luckily for us Chris Carrillo grabbed some cool footage of how landlocked surfers can score some surf in Texas! Anyone ever surfed this Texas river? Here is the calculations …Read the Rest

Paddle Through It: A Texas Surf Film

We are super stoked on Daniel Loveland’s documentary Paddle Through It: A Texas Surf Film. The film covers the history of surfing in Texas (that is unknown to most), which starts with the beginning of surfing Texas’ beaches in the 50′s and 60′s, and then follows the sport’s  progression to the present, highlighting the many …Read the Rest

Surfing Port A, TX

Surfing in Port Aransas is one of our favorite spots to surf in Texas! Check out this awesome footage of Port A surf at Horace Caldwell Pier and more from Nathan Floyd! porta from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

Pipeline Clip From Above

Texas surf photographer G-Scott always is capturing amazing images, and this year was no different when he spent a portion of the winter in Hawaii! Check out this sweet footage he captured from high above the crowds and surf! pipe clip 2013 MP4 1080p setting from G Scott on Vimeo.

Surfside Winter Surf

Here’s a look back at some Texas surf in Surfside! Make sure you send us your clips of you surfing in Texas and we will post them on the site! Surfside tx Dec 21 2013 from upyourcoast on

GoPro Cafe – South Padre Island

Check out this GoPro footage taken at South Padre Island, TX. Nice to see some warmer footage of Texas surf with freezing temps out there on the beach lately!

Texas Winter Surf – Bob Hall Pier

We hope that everyone is staying warm out in the Texas surf. We were super stoked on some recent surf footage from the Coastal Bend in Texas, and you can check out some chilly surf footage at Bob Hall Pier below. Sequence 02 from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

Texas Tow Surfing

With people tow surfing and charging big waves across the globe, it was only a matter of time before tow surfing made its way to Texas! Check out this footage of Texas tow surfing with a Paint horse on the beach at South Padre Island Texas, and 12 year old Micah Gore and his dad …Read the Rest

Surfing in Alabama

We are always stoked to see surf footage close to home (Texas), and when Alabama scored some sick waves recently Sterling Spencer was there to catch some of the storm surf! Check out the hollow surf in Alabama in the footage below. Has anyone else scored surf in Alabama? Update** Surfer Magazine posted an interview …Read the Rest

View From Above: Texas Surf Video

G-Scott has been capturing thousands upon thousand of great Texas surf shots for as long as we can remember, and now he has taken it to the next level, literally, high in the sky surf footage in Texas! Catching Texas surf shots from the air has never been done before, and we are super stoked …Read the Rest

TS Karen Texas Surf (video)

Here is some sweet footage from the surf that TS Karen brought Texas. Video from TS KAREN from upyourcoast on Vimeo.

Who is JOB 3.0 Texas Wake Surfing Finale

Jamie O’ Brien and his crew concluded their epic surf trip to Texas in this week’s episode of Who is JOB 3.0. The episode starts on day 18, where Jamie is in Port Aransas, Texas (Port A), when Jamie and the boys led by Morgan Faulkner take out a 60 foot yacht for some Texas …Read the Rest

Who is JOB Tanker Surfing in Texas

Jamie O’ Brien and his crew were on an epic cross country road trip not too long ago that included Tanker Surfing in Texas. In this video, Jamie and the entire crew score tanker surf in Texas and Texas BBQ. They hooked up with Morgan Faulkner in their first leg of their Texas surf adventure, …Read the Rest

Who is JOB Road Trip to Texas

We were super stoked to follow Jamie O’ Brien on Instagram throughout his recent cross country trip that included a bunch of surfing in Texas. We are even more stoked now that the next few episodes of Who is JOB will feature video footage of his Texas surf trip, that include Tanker surfing in Texas, …Read the Rest

Surfing Port Aransas Pier: Yellow Lab

What has four paws and loves surfing Horace Caldwell Pier? Mike Wagner’s 75 lb. yellow lab! We were super stoked on the surf footage of Mike’s dog at Horace Caldwell In Port Aransas, TX. If you ever want to learn how to Kitesurf, make sure you check out Mike at Port A H20, where he …Read the Rest

Matagorda Surfing

With tons of great surf spots in North Texas, it is safe to say that Matagorda is remote and off the beaten path (maybe a bit sharky too), offering great Texas surf for those who choose make the trip. Near the Colorado river mouth where highway 60 comes to an end, it’s deep waters offshore …Read the Rest

Texas Surfer Cody Canzoneri in CA

We were stoked to see Texas surfer Cody Canzoneri’s recent interview with the Orange County Register, where he talked about his move from surfing in Texas to surfing Trestles in San Clemente, CA. Cody stated: Q. How does the surf here compare with Texas? A. It’s way, way better here. I grew up in small …Read the Rest

Texas Surfing – Corpus Christi (video)

Stoked on some recent footage of Texas surfers using a GoPro HeroHD2 in the Surf at North Packery Channel on North Padre Island Corpus Christi, TX. Music by: Ben Tapia. Have a video that you would like featured on Surfing in Texas? Drop in and send us a link to your video and we may …Read the Rest

Shades of South TX Surf (video)

If you love Surfing in Texas, then you will enjoy the nearly 8 minutes of Texas surf footage by Nathan Floyd. His new video, shades of south tx surf,  has tons of great footage of Texas surfers at Packery Channel, Bob Hall Pier, and other surrounding beach breaks. Nathan captures everything from longboarding to shortboarding, …Read the Rest

Surfing Tropical Storm Matthew

Here is an oldie buy goodie with Texas surfers scoring some surf from Tropical Storm Matthew back in 2004 surfing at Bob Hall Pier. Happy Holidays to all the Texas surfers out there and we hope that you are all staying safe and scoring surf in Texas!

Tanker Surfing in Galveston Bay

Ask 10 surfers who aren’t from Texas about surfing in Texas, and the odds are that 9 or 10 of them will say “isn’t that where you surf behind tankers”? The answer is yes, well yes and no. There is great surfing in Texas, but Texas surfers do have the premiere spot to be when …Read the Rest

Packery Channel Dive

We were super stoked to see that Wind and Wave have created a new Vimeo account and have uploaded several new videos! Here is some footage of them diving around one of our favorite surf spots Packery Channel, where they capture some of the amazing sea life that we share this premiere Texas surf break …Read the Rest

Surfing Hurricane Isaac In South Padre Island

While we didn’t score the best hurricane surf in Texas in 2012, we were stoked that Texas surfers did score some good waves from Hurricane Isaac in South Padre Island. Here is some raw footage from Hurricane Issac, and let’s hope that everyone is staying safe out there during all of the hurricanes in 2012.

Volcom Bushfish (video)

The VQS series is always an exciting one, and this year’s 10th anniversary event at Bob Hall Pier did not disappoint. The weather was a bit sketchy at first, but luckily the contest was held and we were treated to some great Texas surfing. Here is a clip from the event and the results below. …Read the Rest

Autumn Air (video)

As Texas surfers, we are big fans of Hurricane Swell, and surf communities that may not always be the first spot that comes to mind when one thinks of surfing (think surfing in Minnesota). That’s why we were stoked when one of our readers Michael Powell shared with us his friend’s film of Hurricane Leslie’s …Read the Rest

Bob Hall Pier (Video)

Anybody catch some surf in September? As we move into October here is a flashback to Halloween day 2009 at Bob Hall Pier.

2012 TGSA State Championships

There has bee some fun surf in Texas as of late, and if you didn’t catch any of Tropical Storm Issac’s swell you can check out some pictures that our friend G-Scott captured in the surf. We were also stoked when one of our readers Jackson Baugh shared with us his video covering the TGSA …Read the Rest

G Town – This Little Piggy Went Surfing

We have seen dogs and rats surfing in the past, but when we were first sent this video we weren’t sure if we’ve ever seen a pig surfing in Texas. We have now, and we were super stoked when Texas surfer Tim Constance shared with us his footage of his little piggy surfing in Texas …Read the Rest

Galveston Surf (video)

Been a busy summer so far for us here at Surfing in Texas, traveling and surfing in Texas and in California. There has been some fun surf in G-town lately, and here is a flashback to Surfing in Galveston, TX right after a cold front hit the island.

Tropical Storm Debbie and Hurricane Gustav (video)

We hope that everyone is having a great summer surfing in Texas! Not much hurricane surf in Texas thus far in 2012 other than Tropical Storm Debbie, and we are still patiently waiting for some serious hurricane surf to head to Texas. Here is a flash back to Hurricane Gustav and the surf it brought …Read the Rest

Bob Hall Pier – 4/11/11

A reminder to all Texas surfers that tomorrow is International Surfing Day! Make sure you call in sick to work, surf, pick some trash off of the beach, and join or renew your Surfrider Membership! Here is some surf footage from last year at Bob Hall Pier taken by Matthew Barker.

A short trip, down south…

A short trip, down south… Here is a short trip, down south by Matthew Barker on Vimeo who is keepin it poppin in the lone star state. Some good footage of Texas surf and not a bad soundtrack either. Enjoy!

2012 Cinco De Mayo Highlights – Longboard Video

Some great longboarding footage from the 2012 TGSA Cinco De Mayo Longboard Pro at Packery Channel in TX.

Surfside Texas (Video)

We have been away from the interwebs due to a recent trip to California, but here is some footage of surfing in Surfside, Texas, that we were stoked on seeing Texas surfers scoring good surf!

Finger surfing by LAST PARADISE FILM

We all had finger skateboards growing up, but finger surfing takes it to the next level! Here is the video from Last Paradise Film, and you can check out all of their films at During 45 years of filming the extreme sports journey, the Last Paradise camera team not only caught the world’s biggest …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight: Packery Channel

Packery Channel is one of the top surf spots in Texas, and it is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, on North Padre Island. Packery Channel was formed with the construction of Packery Channel, which is the separating line in between Mustang and Upper Padre Island. The jetties were finished in 2006, and the beach has …Read the Rest

Surfing With Dolphins – Gulf Of Mexico

This is pretty cool. When you watch this video you can’t help but think of all of the great surf , sea life, and everything else that the Gulf of Mexico provides for us on the Third Coast. This is amazing footage of a wakesurfer sharing a peak with several dolphins on St. Pete Beach …Read the Rest

Surfing Matagorda – Chocolate Donuts

For those looking to surf Matagorda, here is a sneak preview of the browner side of the surf in Matagorda, TX. “Chocolate Donuts” is a clip that features Texas surfers Gene and Rachel Gore longboarding on a warm fall day, with offshore winds and surf at Matagorda, Texas. The clip was put together by John …Read the Rest

Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

As many of you know the world is coming to an end this year (cough cough); posing the question, what surf spot in Texas will you be surfing (while hopefully surviving) when the world ends? You most likely can catch us surfing at St. Joe’s when doomsday arrives (figure it will be safer there when …Read the Rest

Insanity at Teahupoo

This is worth turning the lights down and appreciating how insane this wave and those who charge it are. Super slow motion via the Phantom Gold HD Camera (upwards of $150,000) for the win! From Chris Bryan Films: This day at Teahupoo- Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro waiting period is what many are …Read the Rest

Trip Report: Two Brothers Surf Resort

While many Texas surfers head south to places like Costa Rica and Mexico for surf trips, we were super stoked to find out more about a place in La Salinas, Popoyo, Nicaragua. While Nicaragua may not be the first place someone looks when they are not thinking about surfing in Texas, it is a  no …Read the Rest

Neon Night Surfing Down Under

As we embark on another winter of surfing in Texas those down under are celebrating the launch of summer with neon lights filled surf marathon sponsored by an English booze company. Any Texas surfers taking trips this winter? Perhaps somewhere warmer? From YouTube: To mark the start of summer, Strongbow joined forces with legendary surfing …Read the Rest

Sardine Feeding Frenzy in South Africa

Surfing in Texas – This video by Mark van Coller off Port St Johns, Transkei, South Africa during the Sardine Run 2010 is another example of how amazing our earth’s oceans truly are. With sardines, sharks, whales, dolphins, birds, and the deep blue this amazing video highlights what we as Texas surfers often forget about …Read the Rest

WaveJet Big Wave Surfing

Any Texas surfers going to buy a Wavejet for that next Hurricane Swell in Texas? The Wavejets will be available in the Spring of 2012, and you can join the waiting list to be one of the first to be cleared for takeoff. Maxing out at 11 mph, is this cheating or enhancing surfing in …Read the Rest

18 Foot Great White Shark Circles Boat

We all know that there ain’t know surf in Texas, and luckily for us there ain’t no great white sharks in Texas either! This video still gives us the creeps, and let’s just hope you don’t come across one of these guys on a Stand Up Paddle Board in your lifetime.

Don’t Mess With Texas

We are always stoked on Jon Steele, and the recent video “don’t mess with Texas” and article featured in Transworld Surf highlights some of the finer points of the Texas surfing lifestyle. With surfing, hunting, and skating, the only thing missing is a case of Lone Star beer (we are sure there were many consumed …Read the Rest

Surfer Rides 90 Foot Wave

In case you haven’t seen the extensive and heavy coverage of Garrett McNamara riding this 90 foot plus giant of a wave, enjoy. You know it’s big when Sports Center takes 60 seconds out of their show to explore this “sport”. Any Texas surfers taking surf trips this winter?

Whale Vs. Surfer

The latest viral video takes place in Santa Cruz, CA. where an unsuspecting woman found herself in the middle of a pod of humpback Whales during lunge feeding. Lunge feeding is when whales herd anchovies and shoot straight up out of the water with their mouth wide open to catch the fish. A little too …Read the Rest

Bandito Brothers Go Tanker Surfing

Ask 10 surfers outside of Texas about surfing in Texas, and there is a good chance most of them will bring up tanker surfing in Texas. It’s hard to blame them when such an awesome wave exists that is unique to Texas surf, and surfing in Texas has always considered this a bucket list item …Read the Rest

Red Tide Glow In The Dark Surfing

Normally a red tide is something that surfers steer clear from, but when that red tide turns into a disco party at night it is time to partake! For the last two weeks the red tide has started a “bio-luminescence” effect, where the crash of a wave or a surfer on a wave creates a …Read the Rest

“One Beach” Premiere

Barefoot Wine premiered their film “One Beach” yesterday on Facebook, and will be releasing subsequent episodes posted weekly for the next five weeks. Surfing in Texas would like to thank Barefoot Wine and Jason Baffa for creating such a great film to help promote awareness and to encourage activism. We hope that this will provide …Read the Rest

Red Bull Minor Threat – Burning Man

We hope that everyone is staying safe during the fires in Texas right now, and that the fires that have destroyed over 1,000 homes will be contained soon. We came across this video awhile back, but thought it might be nice to see a different type of fire today after seeing all of the destruction …Read the Rest

Surfing Hurricane Irene

It should come as no surprise that it is hard for non-surfers to understand Hurricane Surf. Much in the same way that the first thing invariably asked by non-surfers is “Aren’t you afraid of sharks?” For those who don’t understand how swell works, Hurricane surf conjures up images of Bohdi paddling out through storm surge  …Read the Rest

Texas Heat Wave Barrel

As the Texas heat wave continues, we are trying to stay cool and continue to watch and hope for some hurricane “Texas” sized surf during this hurricane season. Until then, here is a wave we can only dream about at the moment.

Surfside Beach: Babes and Waves

Jimmy Vegas, a rapping surfer from the Carolina’s recently stopped by Surfside Beach  for a little Surfing  in Texas. While driving across the country, Michael Powell, Ben Powell, and Jimmy Vegas made a pit-stop on the Northern Coast at Surfside beach. They caught some left-over swell from a tropical storm, with some swell rolling in …Read the Rest

Ain’t No Surf in Texas… And New York

We all know that there ain’t no surf in Texas, but did you know that New York is flat as well? If you did, you are not alone. Apparently most New Yorkers themselves do not believe that their home State has surf, and believe that the only thing that most New Yorkers ride is the …Read the Rest

Pirate Flash Mob Invades Lower Trestles

A flash mob of pirates recently invaded Lower Trestles. One-Eyed Wilie was not in attendance, but I’m sure his fellow pirates saved him a wave. The question is now when will the pirates invade our Texas surf? Are we safe? Captain Barbosa’s Raid On Lower Trestles from Jacob Epstein on Vimeo.

DVD Review: One California Day

Surfing in Texas had a chance to watch One California Day over the weekend, and it is safe to say that this film will help you get into a California “State” of mind. With 34 million people, 1,100 miles of coast, and one state of mind, Mark Jeremias and Jason Baffa show you the parallels …Read the Rest

DVD Review: The Drifter

Surfing In Texas – We finally were able to check out The Drifter starring Rob Machado, and this movie is not your typical surf flick. You will not see huge airs, fast music, and a bunch of surfers charging. What you will see is Rob Machado wandering the globe and believing in the premise that …Read the Rest

WaveGarden: Please Send Help to Texas!

Wavegarden (Extended) from wavegarden on Vimeo. In Aizarnazabal Spain, they have created a perfect wave on a river near the famous surfing town San Sebastian in Spain. This new surf spot was created by Wavegarden, and their vision is: “…gives people of all ages and surfing levels the ability to enjoy a beach environment and …Read the Rest

France Big Wave Contender

The Billabong XXL 2011 is well under way, and with Mavericks and Hawaii virtually asleep during what is normally big wave season, recent buzz has been building in Ireland, and now France with some huge surf rolling through. As seen in the video below, Benjamin Sanchis of Hossegor, France tows into a monster at Belharra …Read the Rest

DVD Review: Who is J.O.B.?

“There are filters between me and you. Unless you know me like my Dad does, assume you don’t know me. I am more than what the filters let you see. And less. WhoisJOB is my attempt to talk directly. Through my art, video. Its taken me 3 years to create an hour without filters. When …Read the Rest

Longboard Champ or Starbucks?

Becoming a professional surfer when you grow up is a dream that many share. For those who are Longboarders, you may want to think twice about your career path. Last years champ Harley Ingleby is an accomplished Longboarder, and yet the “Current world champion Harley Ingleby is reported to have earned little more than $30,000 …Read the Rest

DVD Review: My Eyes Won’t Dry 3 Box Set

After 3 years in the making, Brian Conley takes viewers on a very deep ride from inside the tube. Brian began surfing as a young child, and his hometown is Solana Beach, CA.  Brian has been featured on the covers of both Surfer Magazine and Trans World Surf. If you are looking for new surf …Read the Rest

Tarp Surfing Coming to Texas?

With waves nowhere to be found in Texas, one has to wonder when tarp surfing will make its way to the Gulf? Tarp surfing was pioneered in Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz is a mecca for wave surfing, and was recently voted best surf town in the USA. It would seem that tarp surfing would …Read the Rest