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Texas Waters (surf film)

Super stoked to see Tommy Witt head to Texas for some fun surf in Austin and Corpus! Full details below. Texas Waters from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo. Tommy Witt heard rumors of a never ending river wave, perfect for noseriding. He rallied some friends and made the trek to see first-hand what they hype was all …Read the Rest

One Day in Port A – a Look at Surfing in Texas

We are super stoked to see Surfing in Texas come to Korduroy.tv! Check out this short film shot in Port A. This new video by Evan Adamson gives a peek into the longboard surf culture in Texas. Featuring the stylings of Tegan Gainan, Nate Floyd and Morgan Faulkner. Shot in 1 day over 2 surf …Read the Rest

El Nino Brings Bob Hall Pier Surf

Some sweet footage from Nathan Floyd bringing some POV tubes and great surf with light wind to Bob Hall Pier! el nino 11-17-15 bob hall from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

13 Year Old Boy Bitten By Shark in Galveston (Updated)

Reports that a 13-year-old boy (from Odessa) was bitten by a shark in Galveston this morning. According to Galveston Beach Patrol, the boy and his brother were walking in the water near 37th Street at about 10am when they waded into a school of fish. As the boys turned back toward shore, the 13-year-old was …Read the Rest

South Packery Channel Surf (video)

Short clip of a few Texas surfers having fun at South Packery. Great video by Brittany Tupaj. South Packery Channel, Texas 9-27-15 from Brittany Tupaj on Vimeo.

Texas Tanker Surfing

Great new clip from Squidman Productions on their recent Tanker Surfing Trip in Texas. How could you not be stoked after a 14 minute wave! From their Vimeo: I grew up surfing in Texas, but never tried this until recently. What a kick !! … a 14 minute long ride (and could have gone twice …Read the Rest


 From KTRK: The first ever tanker surfing competition took place over the weekend at the Texas City Kite Festival. Surfers turned out to compete, ride ridiculously long waves, and shine a light on a sport unique to the Texas Gulf. The flat, shallow waters and smooth winds off the Gulf already make southeast Texas on …Read the Rest

Tropical Storm Bill Brings Shacks to Texas

From South Edge Magazine: You know something awesome is going to happen when our favorite guys from Corpus, Port Aransas, and Galveston drive all the way down to South Padre. Morgan Faulkner, Stefan Lewis, Nate Floyd, Micah Steph, Wes Beck, and other friends gathered at Wanna Wanna’s early morning to have a couple of meetings …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Footage May

Here is some footage of Nathan Floyd and company shredding! spadre go pro 5-27 from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

New Surf Park Coming To Austin (updated)

There has been lots of talk about wave pools bringing much needed surf in Texas, and we are stoked to report that landlocked surfers in Austin may have a local surf break soon! A large surf park backed by a high-profile Denver businessman is planned for Austin, with developers pushing to open the facility in …Read the Rest

Kickstarter For Wave Pool In Texas

The Project: The Texas surfing community is starving for fantastic surf. While swells (i.e. sets of rideable waves) occasionally provide an incredible environment for our growing community to enjoy the power of the ocean, the surf is typically poor. Many Texas surfers resort to riding the waves created by passing ships because the surf is …Read the Rest

Surf Texas

Did you know that Texas is one of the top six surfing states in America? If you don’t believe it, we highly recommend that you check out Kenny Braun’s Surf Texas, which features amazing Texas surf pics from up and down our coast! The urge to ride a wave, the search for the next perfect …Read the Rest

Hurricane Surf Texas

Video by Joe Vulgamore – Fun day that I shot for Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine. This piece was used in the 2010 Hurricane Issue.

Corpus Christi Surf Video

Surf on the first day of winter in Corpus Christi, TX, USA. Music “This Train” by Ziggy Marley featuring Willie Nelson

Bob Hall Pier Short Film

Bob Hall Short film with surf and beach life – We Spent it seemed like a whole day at this beautiful place. I think i got some good shots of the people who visit the beach as locals and as tourists as well.

Surfing on Galveston Island

Some fun logging on Galveston Island: Out and about for two days Galveston had blue water and perfect weather. These are a couple of my buddies playing in the surf on 37th St. I hope you enjoy

Surfing at Bob Hall Pier

Some epic surf from Bob Hall Pier in Texas.

Surfing Port A

Here is some surf footage from Port A, Texas.

G- Town Surf

Here’s some G-Town surf footage.

12 Foot Tiger Shark Caught in Port Aransas

The odds of coming across a shark while surfing in Texas are not common, and there have only been 2 deaths from Shark attacks in Texas since 1911. With that being said, anglers are out fishing for sharks, and a Texas fisherman recently caught an 809-pound tiger shark. The massive 12 foot 7 inch tiger …Read the Rest

Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project – Austin 2014

Attention landlocked Texas Surfers! Surfrider Central Texas Chapter (Austin) is throwing a great event to help protect our Texas beaches. The Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, now in its eighth year, helps keep beaches, rivers and lakes across America “barefoot friendly.” In 2014, Barefoot  Wine and the Surfrider Foundation, along with community volunteers, are  embarking on …Read the Rest

Galveston Shark Attack

After zero shark attacks in Texas in 2013, there has been the first Texas shark attack in 2014. Teenager Mikaela Amezaga, was in waist high water in Galveston (G-Town) when she felt something bump into her back. She didn’t feel any pain or see the shark, but with the half-moon, mirror skin breaks on her …Read the Rest

One-Ton Great White Shark Headed To Texas

As Texas surfers we have always known that we share the Texas surf with sharks, but the truth is that shark attacks are not common in Texas, and the most common shark attack  (a bull shark) is almost never fatal. However, a 14 foot long, 2,300 pound great white shark is truly something that is …Read the Rest

Surfing North and South Packery Channel

Here’s some footage of surfing at North and South Packery Channel in Texas. Trey Skrobarczyk and Mason Melvin took the footage.

Surfing on South Padre Island Texas

If this doesn’t make you want to take the wife and kids surfing on South Padre Island Texas then we don’t know what will. Can’t beat surfing in Texas! Find out more on surfing South Padre Island, TX.

Surfing Matagorda Texas

Some nice footage from surfing Matagorda, Texas. Definitely some stoke being stacked here! Find out more information about surfing in Matagorda, TX.

San Marcos River Surfing

When Who is JOB stopped by Texas he surfed all over in Texas, and one spot that didn’t make the show was the San Marcos river. Luckily for us Chris Carrillo grabbed some cool footage of how landlocked surfers can score some surf in Texas! Anyone ever surfed this Texas river? Here is the calculations …Read the Rest

Paddle Through It: A Texas Surf Film

We are super stoked on Daniel Loveland’s documentary Paddle Through It: A Texas Surf Film. The film covers the history of surfing in Texas (that is unknown to most), which starts with the beginning of surfing Texas’ beaches in the 50′s and 60′s, and then follows the sport’s  progression to the present, highlighting the many …Read the Rest

South Padre Island: Volunteers Help Restore Dunes!

We are super stoked on everything that Surfrider does in Texas to help protect our Texas beaches. Please make sure you donate or attend a local chapter meeting to help protect what you love, our Texas surf! HUGE thanks to Rob Nixon and the Surfrider South Texas Chapter This is awesome example of dune restoration …Read the Rest

Surfing Port A, TX

Surfing in Port Aransas is one of our favorite spots to surf in Texas! Check out this awesome footage of Port A surf at Horace Caldwell Pier and more from Nathan Floyd! porta from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

Pipeline Clip From Above

Texas surf photographer G-Scott always is capturing amazing images, and this year was no different when he spent a portion of the winter in Hawaii! Check out this sweet footage he captured from high above the crowds and surf! pipe clip 2013 MP4 1080p setting from G Scott on Vimeo.

Surfside Winter Surf

Here’s a look back at some Texas surf in Surfside! Make sure you send us your clips of you surfing in Texas and we will post them on the site! Surfside tx Dec 21 2013 from upyourcoast on Vimeo.surf

GoPro Cafe – South Padre Island

Check out this GoPro footage taken at South Padre Island, TX. Nice to see some warmer footage of Texas surf with freezing temps out there on the beach lately!

Surfrider Shindig 2014: Dunes Not Walls!

Surfing in Texas are huge supporters of the Surfrider Foundation, and we strongly encourage people to protect what they love, and get involved with a local Chapter. Rob Nixon and the South Texas Chapter have been doing amazing things in South Padre Island, and for our Texas coastline, and we hope that you can make …Read the Rest

Texas Winter Surf – Bob Hall Pier

We hope that everyone is staying warm out in the Texas surf. We were super stoked on some recent surf footage from the Coastal Bend in Texas, and you can check out some chilly surf footage at Bob Hall Pier below. Sequence 02 from Nathan Floyd on Vimeo.

Texas Tow Surfing

With people tow surfing and charging big waves across the globe, it was only a matter of time before tow surfing made its way to Texas! Check out this footage of Texas tow surfing with a Paint horse on the beach at South Padre Island Texas, and 12 year old Micah Gore and his dad …Read the Rest

Surfing in Alabama

We are always stoked to see surf footage close to home (Texas), and when Alabama scored some sick waves recently Sterling Spencer was there to catch some of the storm surf! Check out the hollow surf in Alabama in the footage below. Has anyone else scored surf in Alabama? Update** Surfer Magazine posted an interview …Read the Rest

Surfrider Sale – December 6th at Soundwaves

Surfing in Texas is a proud supporter of the Surfrider Foundation, and we encourage all Texas surfers to protect what they love,  aka our Texas beaches! With that in mind, if you are in the Upper Coast Region, we highly suggest that you checkout The Soundwaves/Surfrider Foundation “Members Only” sale, that will be held Friday, Dec. …Read the Rest

View From Above: Texas Surf Video

G-Scott has been capturing thousands upon thousand of great Texas surf shots for as long as we can remember, and now he has taken it to the next level, literally, high in the sky surf footage in Texas! Catching Texas surf shots from the air has never been done before, and we are super stoked …Read the Rest

TS Karen Texas Surf (video)

Here is some sweet footage from the surf that TS Karen brought Texas. Video from http://upyourcoast.net/ TS KAREN from upyourcoast on Vimeo.

Tanker Surfing in Europe

If you ask surfers outside of Texas about Texas surf, odds are that they will think of Tanker Surfing. Looks like us Texans aren’t alone, and that there are die hard tanker surfers in Europe. In these images you will see a European surfer on a tanker wave from a huge City of Rome ship …Read the Rest

Baby Shark Bites Man’s Chest in Matagorda

Drinking Lone Star Beer and holding sharks may not go hand in hand (no pun intended). In all seriousness, if you are fishing in the Texas surf, and in this case at Matagorda Beach, one should always exercise caution when holding a shark (to avoid injury to the shark or yourself). In this case, a …Read the Rest

Who is JOB 3.0 Texas Wake Surfing Finale

Jamie O’ Brien and his crew concluded their epic surf trip to Texas in this week’s episode of Who is JOB 3.0. The episode starts on day 18, where Jamie is in Port Aransas, Texas (Port A), when Jamie and the boys led by Morgan Faulkner take out a 60 foot yacht for some Texas …Read the Rest

Who is JOB Tanker Surfing in Texas

Jamie O’ Brien and his crew were on an epic cross country road trip not too long ago that included Tanker Surfing in Texas. In this video, Jamie and the entire crew score tanker surf in Texas and Texas BBQ. They hooked up with Morgan Faulkner in their first leg of their Texas surf adventure, …Read the Rest

Product Review: Steelcore Surf Straps

Gone are the days when you can throw a couple of boards on top of your car and forget about them for the day. Literally, they will be gone, if not that day, someday when someone decides to take them. We have had friends that have had surfboards stolen on several beaches in Texas, once …Read the Rest

Who is JOB Road Trip to Texas

We were super stoked to follow Jamie O’ Brien on Instagram throughout his recent cross country trip that included a bunch of surfing in Texas. We are even more stoked now that the next few episodes of Who is JOB will feature video footage of his Texas surf trip, that include Tanker surfing in Texas, …Read the Rest

Galveston Man Dragged Out To Sea By Shark

Surfing in Texas is dedicated to providing Texas surfers and beach goers real time updates on shark attacks in Texas, to prove that the odds of you coming into a contact with a shark in Texas is very low while surfing or swimming on a Texas beach. However, if you are out looking for sharks …Read the Rest

Surfing Port Aransas Pier: Yellow Lab

What has four paws and loves surfing Horace Caldwell Pier? Mike Wagner’s 75 lb. yellow lab! We were super stoked on the surf footage of Mike’s dog at Horace Caldwell In Port Aransas, TX. If you ever want to learn how to Kitesurf, make sure you check out Mike at Port A H20, where he …Read the Rest

Huge Tiger Shark Caught Near Packery Channel

  After nearly 3.5 hours of reeling, a 12 foot tiger shark was finally caught by Wayne Wimer, South of the Packery Channel, on South Padre Island near Corpus Christi, Texas. Large Tiger sharks are rarely seen in and captured in Texas, and after taking pictures and placing a tracker on this huge tiger shark, …Read the Rest

The SUP Cup 2013

With the current Texas heat wave, one of the best ways to stay cool is to hop on a SUP in Texas and get in the water. For those who enjoy Stand Up Paddle (SUP), The Bastrop River Co. is bringing the first annual The SUP Cup on August 16-17, 2013. With the “historically hip” …Read the Rest

Matagorda Surfing

With tons of great surf spots in North Texas, it is safe to say that Matagorda is remote and off the beaten path (maybe a bit sharky too), offering great Texas surf for those who choose make the trip. Near the Colorado river mouth where highway 60 comes to an end, it’s deep waters offshore …Read the Rest

Surfside Shark Attack

SURFSIDE, TX – After no shark attacks in Texas in 2012, the first shark attack in Texas in 2013 occurred yesterday in Surfside, Texas. A 15 year old boy was in waist high water when a shark bit his leg, with type of shark still being unknown at this point. The brave teenager was able …Read the Rest

International Surfing Day 2013 – Texas

We are huge supporters of Surfrider, and if you are in Texas we highly suggest that you hook up with a local chapter of Surfrider Texas. With Chapters in South Padre Island, Coastal Bend, G-Town, Houston, and Austin, there are tons of other Texas surfers out there making a difference and helping to protect Texas …Read the Rest

Hurley Rip My Shred Stick 2013 Texas Stops

We are super stoked that Hurley is continuing to show Texas groms love on this years Rip My Shred Stick tour in 2013. You can catch the action at Bob Hall Pier and in G-Town June 8th and 9th! Hurley’s world-famous Rip My Shred Stick Tour is back and ready to hit a beach near …Read the Rest

Paddle Monkeys SUP in G-Town

We were super stoked to catch up with Kim Thomas, founder of Paddle Monkeys, who has recently brought the first and only SUP rental-on-water in Galveston (G-Town)! Spending her summers living on or near Galveston Island (Tiki Island) most of her life, Kim has been active in water sports since she was a teenager.  With …Read the Rest

Port A H2O SUP yoga class June 5th

Port A H2O recently started a once a month SUP YOGA class in Port Aransas with yoga instructor Nancy Myers.  Boards are provided by port A H2O and anyone who has not paddled is given a lesson before the class begins.  Whether you have done an extensive amount of yoga or none at all Nancy …Read the Rest

Jamie O’ Brien in Texas Tanker Surfing (Updated)

We were stoked to find out that pro surfer Jamie O’ Brien is currently in Texas on a mission to go Tanker Surfing! Following Jamie’s path on twitter and instagram, Jamie started his cross country journey at Coachella, and has been road tripping all the way to Texas to score some tanker waves ever since! …Read the Rest

Share With Surfing In Texas!

Surfing in Texas is looking for Texas surfers, bloggers, SUP, wakesurfers, local businesses, environmentalists, filmmakers, photographers, and anyone who loves Texas beaches that wishes to join our community and be featured on Surfing in Texas. We are dedicated to building a community of Texas surfers and businesses where the latest information and stoke can be …Read the Rest

Texas Surfer Cody Canzoneri in CA

We were stoked to see Texas surfer Cody Canzoneri’s recent interview with the Orange County Register, where he talked about his move from surfing in Texas to surfing Trestles in San Clemente, CA. Cody stated: Q. How does the surf here compare with Texas? A. It’s way, way better here. I grew up in small …Read the Rest

Texas Surfing – Corpus Christi (video)

Stoked on some recent footage of Texas surfers using a GoPro HeroHD2 in the Surf at North Packery Channel on North Padre Island Corpus Christi, TX. Music by: Ben Tapia. Have a video that you would like featured on Surfing in Texas? Drop in and send us a link to your video and we may …Read the Rest

Shades of South TX Surf (video)

If you love Surfing in Texas, then you will enjoy the nearly 8 minutes of Texas surf footage by Nathan Floyd. His new video, shades of south tx surf,  has tons of great footage of Texas surfers at Packery Channel, Bob Hall Pier, and other surrounding beach breaks. Nathan captures everything from longboarding to shortboarding, …Read the Rest

No Shark Attacks in Texas in 2012

Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to be the more dangerous animal than sharks year after year. In 2012, 53 people were victims of shark attacks in the United States (there were 80 shark attacks worldwide), killing 7, while 70 MILLION sharks were killed by people in 2012. 53 reported shark attacks last year was …Read the Rest

Happy New Year!

From all of us here at Surfing in Texas we want to wish everyone a happy 2013 and year filled with lots of surf!  

Last Minute Texas Surfer Holiday Gift Guide

Running out of ideas for that last minute gift for a fellow Texas Surfer? Hook them up with a Texas Native hat from Billabong or a Lone Star Amped Cruzer! There are also a ton of great gifts that you can check out at the Texas Surf Museum’s online store that any Texas surfer would …Read the Rest

Surfing Tropical Storm Matthew

Here is an oldie buy goodie with Texas surfers scoring some surf from Tropical Storm Matthew back in 2004 surfing at Bob Hall Pier. Happy Holidays to all the Texas surfers out there and we hope that you are all staying safe and scoring surf in Texas!

Tanker Surfing in Galveston Bay

Ask 10 surfers who aren’t from Texas about surfing in Texas, and the odds are that 9 or 10 of them will say “isn’t that where you surf behind tankers”? The answer is yes, well yes and no. There is great surfing in Texas, but Texas surfers do have the premiere spot to be when …Read the Rest

Packery Channel Dive

We were super stoked to see that Wind and Wave have created a new Vimeo account and have uploaded several new videos! Here is some footage of them diving around one of our favorite surf spots Packery Channel, where they capture some of the amazing sea life that we share this premiere Texas surf break …Read the Rest

Surfing Hurricane Isaac In South Padre Island

While we didn’t score the best hurricane surf in Texas in 2012, we were stoked that Texas surfers did score some good waves from Hurricane Isaac in South Padre Island. Here is some raw footage from Hurricane Issac, and let’s hope that everyone is staying safe out there during all of the hurricanes in 2012.

Volcom Bushfish (video)

The VQS series is always an exciting one, and this year’s 10th anniversary event at Bob Hall Pier did not disappoint. The weather was a bit sketchy at first, but luckily the contest was held and we were treated to some great Texas surfing. Here is a clip from the event and the results below. …Read the Rest

Trip Report: Mexico

When Texas surfers aren’t keeping an eye out for hurricane surf or morning glass, they are often keeping an eye out for surf trips to combat the flat days that Texas surfers know all so well (remember that there ain’t no surf in Texas). Whether it is a surf trip to Nicaragua, or a quick …Read the Rest

Autumn Air (video)

As Texas surfers, we are big fans of Hurricane Swell, and surf communities that may not always be the first spot that comes to mind when one thinks of surfing (think surfing in Minnesota). That’s why we were stoked when one of our readers Michael Powell shared with us his friend’s film of Hurricane Leslie’s …Read the Rest

Bob Hall Pier (Video)

Anybody catch some surf in September? As we move into October here is a flashback to Halloween day 2009 at Bob Hall Pier.

2012 TGSA State Championships

There has bee some fun surf in Texas as of late, and if you didn’t catch any of Tropical Storm Issac’s swell you can check out some pictures that our friend G-Scott captured in the surf. We were also stoked when one of our readers Jackson Baugh shared with us his video covering the TGSA …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight: Rio SUP in North Texas

With SUP’s popularity continuing to grow in Texas, and the ever growing number of locations that you can now try stand up paddling, we highly recommend that if you haven’t tried SUP in Texas that you to get out on the water and SUP! Stand up Paddling has exploded in the last several years, with …Read the Rest

Happy Shark Week

While we live by the motto “live every week like it’s shark week” here at surfing in Texas, we are still super stoked that this week is the Discovery Channel’s epic 25th annual Shark Week. We are also stoked that sharks are being portrayed in positive light, and not just as ruthless killers. It is …Read the Rest

Mauli Ola Foundation: Surf Experience Day in Galveston

After making four stops in Texas in 2011, we were super stoked to find out that the Mauli Ola Foundation is coming back for a surf experience day in Galveston in 2012. The foundation is dedicated to helping the lives of children living with Cystic Fibrosis by showing them the sport of surfing, and getting …Read the Rest

G Town – This Little Piggy Went Surfing

We have seen dogs and rats surfing in the past, but when we were first sent this video we weren’t sure if we’ve ever seen a pig surfing in Texas. We have now, and we were super stoked when Texas surfer Tim Constance shared with us his footage of his little piggy surfing in Texas …Read the Rest

Galveston Surf (video)

Been a busy summer so far for us here at Surfing in Texas, traveling and surfing in Texas and in California. There has been some fun surf in G-town lately, and here is a flashback to Surfing in Galveston, TX right after a cold front hit the island.

Tropical Storm Debbie and Hurricane Gustav (video)

We hope that everyone is having a great summer surfing in Texas! Not much hurricane surf in Texas thus far in 2012 other than Tropical Storm Debbie, and we are still patiently waiting for some serious hurricane surf to head to Texas. Here is a flash back to Hurricane Gustav and the surf it brought …Read the Rest


It’s been awhile since we checked in on surfers in North Texas, and one of the best ways to get a great workout on the water in North Texas is stand up paddling (SUP). One of the latest trends in SUP in Texas is yoga, which is a  great workout that Texas surfers and water …Read the Rest

Sharks Attack Whale Carcass

Happy Friday to everyone from surfing in Texas! Here are two different looks (with two different soundtracks) at sharks feeding on a whale carcass on WA’s Ningaloo reef. There’s been some surf this week, let’s hope we get some storm surf in Texas soon!

Bob Hall Pier – 4/11/11

A reminder to all Texas surfers that tomorrow is International Surfing Day! Make sure you call in sick to work, surf, pick some trash off of the beach, and join or renew your Surfrider Membership! Here is some surf footage from last year at Bob Hall Pier taken by Matthew Barker.

Texas Rip My Shred Stick Recap – Corpus Christi and Galveston

Hurley, Rob Machado, Pat O’ Connel, and the rest of the Hurley team once again stoked tons of young Texas groms ranging from 6 years old to 16 at Bob Hall Pier and Galveston Pier over the weekend. With their second trip to Texas for the Rip My Shred Stick Tour, the event was held …Read the Rest

International Surfing Day – Texas

Surfing in Texas is super stoked on the Surfrider Foundation, and as Texas Surfers we’re excited for next week’s International Surfing Day on Wednesday, 6/20/12! There are three events scheduled in Texas, and we highly encourage you to check out your local event taking place in South Padre Island, Surfside, and Austin, TX. It’s a great …Read the Rest

Hurley’s 2012 Rip My Shred Stick Tour Heads to Texas

Hurley’s world-famous Rip My Shred Stick Tour is back and ready to hit a beach near you stopping in Galveston and Corpus Christi in 2012. This year the tour has expanded from 18 stops to 30, effectively bringing the gift of surfing to more communities than ever before. Starting in Puerto Rico on June 2, …Read the Rest

A short trip, down south…

A short trip, down south… Here is a short trip, down south by Matthew Barker on Vimeo who is keepin it poppin in the lone star state. Some good footage of Texas surf and not a bad soundtrack either. Enjoy!

2012 Cinco De Mayo Highlights – Longboard Video

Some great longboarding footage from the 2012 TGSA Cinco De Mayo Longboard Pro at Packery Channel in TX.

Surfing and Sharks

As Texas surfers we are always aware of the man in the grey suit (you can view all our coverage on Texas shark attacks here), and believe that they are beautiful and majestic animals. With that being said, we were stoked to come across the new documentary “Surfing and Sharks“. Here is the overview of …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Network: Interview

We are always stoked to discover new avenues for Texas surfers to share their stoke for surfing in Texas, and when we came across the TexasSurfNetwork, an interactive community of just that, we were excited to find out more about their community that is spreading the stoke around Texas. We caught up with the founder …Read the Rest

Surfside Texas (Video)

We have been away from the interwebs due to a recent trip to California, but here is some footage of surfing in Surfside, Texas, that we were stoked on seeing Texas surfers scoring good surf!

Cinco De Mayo Longboard Pro

Reminder for Texas surfers, tomorrow is the  Cinco De Mayo Longboard Pro/Waveski Invitational presented by the Texas Gulf Surfing Association and the Mayor’s Fitness Council. With a $4,000 Pro Divison Prize Purse, this event highlights first ever city sponsored event at Packery Channel and should be a great event! Here are the event details – …Read the Rest

Candock’s Modular Floating Dock

The Candock Modular floating dock is a system that can withstand rough ocean waves and be used to walk out on into the surf. While this is not something we see coming to a Texas surf spot near you anytime soon, it is a pretty cool concept to be able to literally walk out on …Read the Rest

2012 Hurricane Forecast

With the hurricane season a little over a month away (the season will officially begin on June 1st and end on November 30th), it is time for the pre-season forecast from various groups. As Texas surfers we are always gearing up for Hurricane season and the potential big storm surf it can bring to our …Read the Rest

Surf Session Abandoned – Austin Landlocked Surfer

With Austin popping up on “Top Ten” lists for everything these days it is no surprise that the population in Austin is growing rapidly. With that population growth brings surfers, who despite being 4 hours away from the nearest Texas surf spot, still find stoke while overcoming the long  journey to the Texas Coast. Here …Read the Rest

Have Camera, Will Travel!

If you are not familiar with Jon Steele’s photography, surfing, art, and all of the other interesting stories that he shares, we highly suggest that you check out his blog. Also check out his latest art show on May 12th, where Jon other Texas photographers like G Scott will be showcasing their art, and showing …Read the Rest

Finger surfing by LAST PARADISE FILM

We all had finger skateboards growing up, but finger surfing takes it to the next level! Here is the video from Last Paradise Film, and you can check out all of their films at www.lastparadisefilm.com. During 45 years of filming the extreme sports journey, the Last Paradise camera team not only caught the world’s biggest …Read the Rest

Shark Attacks In Texas: 2011 Review

In 2011 we had the most shark attacks in Texas since 2005. With that being said, with  millions of visitors to Texas beaches annually there were only three shark attacks in our Lone Star State in 2011, and none of them were fatal. One of the three attacks in 2011 was a shark attack at …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight: Packery Channel

Packery Channel is one of the top surf spots in Texas, and it is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, on North Padre Island. Packery Channel was formed with the construction of Packery Channel, which is the separating line in between Mustang and Upper Padre Island. The jetties were finished in 2006, and the beach has …Read the Rest

SUP Games Video: Austin Texas 2011

The SUP Games is an annual event in Austin, Texas, and is always a great all day event for stand up paddling (SUP) in Texas. In case you missed the event, it was held on October 22nd, 2011 in Austin, and here is a video recap of the event. Some highlights of the SUP Austin …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight: Marinedreams and Island Adventures

Port Aransas, Texas – Port A is one of our favorite places for surfing in Texas, and if you have yet to make it to this beautiful stretch of Texas coast we highly encourage you to take the trip. For those still believing that there ain’t no surf in Texas, look no further than Marinedreams …Read the Rest

Red Tide Rangers Earn Rest As Bloom Wanes

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — One of the largest and longest red tides in Texas history appears to be disappearing, thanks in part to recent and much-needed rains, giving a well-deserved rest to volunteers who helped track the harmful algal bloom. Samples collected and studied by Red Tide Rangers, a group created by the Texas Sea …Read the Rest

Surfing With Dolphins – Gulf Of Mexico

This is pretty cool. When you watch this video you can’t help but think of all of the great surf , sea life, and everything else that the Gulf of Mexico provides for us on the Third Coast. This is amazing footage of a wakesurfer sharing a peak with several dolphins on St. Pete Beach …Read the Rest

Surfing Matagorda – Chocolate Donuts

For those looking to surf Matagorda, here is a sneak preview of the browner side of the surf in Matagorda, TX. “Chocolate Donuts” is a clip that features Texas surfers Gene and Rachel Gore longboarding on a warm fall day, with offshore winds and surf at Matagorda, Texas. The clip was put together by John …Read the Rest

Winter Surf In Texas

With water temperatures dipping to the 50′s and below, surfing Texas in the winter can keep many fair weather Texas surfers away. With less surfers out in the water, this is often the best time to score good uncrowded surf in Texas. We came across a great article for those who are looking to surf …Read the Rest

Port Aransas Marina Cleanup – Free SUP Boards

Whether you are a Texas surfer, beach lover, stand up paddler, sea food lover, or just want to help make a positive difference on the Texas coast, this Sunday you will have an opportunity to help protect the resource that so many of us enjoy as Texans during this marina cleanup paddle. If you are …Read the Rest

Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

As many of you know the world is coming to an end this year (cough cough); posing the question, what surf spot in Texas will you be surfing (while hopefully surviving) when the world ends? You most likely can catch us surfing at St. Joe’s when doomsday arrives (figure it will be safer there when …Read the Rest

Insanity at Teahupoo

This is worth turning the lights down and appreciating how insane this wave and those who charge it are. Super slow motion via the Phantom Gold HD Camera (upwards of $150,000) for the win! From Chris Bryan Films: This day at Teahupoo- Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro waiting period is what many are …Read the Rest

Sandy Trousers

When three surf groms from Texas with “sandy trousers” popped up in the blogosphere late last year, we were stoked to see a fresh perspective on surfing in Texas from the next generation of Texas surfers. Not knowing much about them, other than that they were from all over the Texas coast in SPI, Houston, and …Read the Rest

Happy New Year From Surfing In Texas!

After a much needed break from the Interwebs we would like to wish everyone a happy 2012! We hope that everyone has been getting surf in Texas over the last several weeks, and we’re stoked on what waves and surf that Texas will bring in 2012! Here are some of our favorites from the break. …Read the Rest

Trip Report: Two Brothers Surf Resort

While many Texas surfers head south to places like Costa Rica and Mexico for surf trips, we were super stoked to find out more about a place in La Salinas, Popoyo, Nicaragua. While Nicaragua may not be the first place someone looks when they are not thinking about surfing in Texas, it is a  no …Read the Rest

Neon Night Surfing Down Under

As we embark on another winter of surfing in Texas those down under are celebrating the launch of summer with neon lights filled surf marathon sponsored by an English booze company. Any Texas surfers taking trips this winter? Perhaps somewhere warmer? From YouTube: To mark the start of summer, Strongbow joined forces with legendary surfing …Read the Rest

Sardine Feeding Frenzy in South Africa

Surfing in Texas – This video by Mark van Coller off Port St Johns, Transkei, South Africa during the Sardine Run 2010 is another example of how amazing our earth’s oceans truly are. With sardines, sharks, whales, dolphins, birds, and the deep blue this amazing video highlights what we as Texas surfers often forget about …Read the Rest

1,000 Foot Pier Coming To Rollover Pass?

The Texas General Land Office is now in the final stretch to fill-in Rollover Pass and build a 1000 foot pier in its place. Rollover Pass is a premiere fishing  spot in Texas, and some are opposing the pier arguing that it will hurt fishing in the area by closing the pass. One thing for …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight: Air Padre Kiteboarding

Luckily for us as Texas surfers we have great conditions for kiteboarding in Texas right in our own backyard. We were super stoked to talk to Air Padre Kiteboarding, who are  a local kitesurfing shop located on South Padre Island, Texas. Offering equipment for every type of waterman, they have gear for kiteboarding, surfing, SUP …Read the Rest

WaveJet Big Wave Surfing

Any Texas surfers going to buy a Wavejet for that next Hurricane Swell in Texas? The Wavejets will be available in the Spring of 2012, and you can join the waiting list to be one of the first to be cleared for takeoff. Maxing out at 11 mph, is this cheating or enhancing surfing in …Read the Rest

18 Foot Great White Shark Circles Boat

We all know that there ain’t know surf in Texas, and luckily for us there ain’t no great white sharks in Texas either! This video still gives us the creeps, and let’s just hope you don’t come across one of these guys on a Stand Up Paddle Board in your lifetime.

California Surfers Moving To Texas?

With new census numbers being released recently, it is clear that California surfers and residents are packing their boards and bags and are heading East. Most are leaving the crowded California beaches and finding out for themselves that “there ain’t no surf in Texas”. There are many reasons for this mass exodus, ranging from the …Read the Rest

Don’t Mess With Texas

We are always stoked on Jon Steele, and the recent video “don’t mess with Texas” and article featured in Transworld Surf highlights some of the finer points of the Texas surfing lifestyle. With surfing, hunting, and skating, the only thing missing is a case of Lone Star beer (we are sure there were many consumed …Read the Rest

Surfer Rides 90 Foot Wave

In case you haven’t seen the extensive and heavy coverage of Garrett McNamara riding this 90 foot plus giant of a wave, enjoy. You know it’s big when Sports Center takes 60 seconds out of their show to explore this “sport”. Any Texas surfers taking surf trips this winter?

Whale Vs. Surfer

The latest viral video takes place in Santa Cruz, CA. where an unsuspecting woman found herself in the middle of a pod of humpback Whales during lunge feeding. Lunge feeding is when whales herd anchovies and shoot straight up out of the water with their mouth wide open to catch the fish. A little too …Read the Rest

TGSA Surfside Open On Call

After being postponed last week due to lack of surf in Surfside, the TGSA Surfside Open is on call November 5th and 6th. The registration is open, and this event is being presented by Southern Spears Surf. The location is at Surfside Beach with the exact break still TBD. The call will be made by …Read the Rest

Bandito Brothers Go Tanker Surfing

Ask 10 surfers outside of Texas about surfing in Texas, and there is a good chance most of them will bring up tanker surfing in Texas. It’s hard to blame them when such an awesome wave exists that is unique to Texas surf, and surfing in Texas has always considered this a bucket list item …Read the Rest

Trip Report: Rincon, PR

The first step to being a surfer in Texas is admitting it (ask wavecation). While we haven’t taken a trip to Puerto Rico yet, we certainly have added this surf destination to our list of places to visit when there isn’t surf in Texas. Considered the Surfing Jewel of the Caribbean, Rincon is a small …Read the Rest

Red Tide Continues in Texas

The latest red tide in Texas was first confirmed by TPWD on September 11th, and since then TPWD estimates that the red tide has killed 3 million fish along the Texas coast. If you are at Texas surfer, beach lover, or fisherman, it is important to be careful during a red tide.  In general a …Read the Rest

Bull Shark Catch and Release at SPI

We would like to thank our friend and fellow Texas surfer Rob Nixon for spotting this on Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Facebook page. South Padre Island surfer David Daigle landed and released this Bull Shark at Isla Blanca Park. Here is the a picture that is definitely worth a thousand words! If you are afraid …Read the Rest

Longboard Expression Session: Contest At Horace Caldwell Pier

This weekend Port A’s Old Town Festival will kick off with a longboarding “expression session,” with three 30 minute heats of 10 surfers, with the top two surfers competing in the finals. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 surfers, with the event running from 8 a.m. to noon. The event is Sponsored by …Read the Rest

The CC Open On Oct 8th-9th (Update)

Update: CC Open presented by Scuttlebutts bar and grill is called on for OCT 8 & 9, 2011.Volunteers show up at 6:30, sunrise is at 7:25 AM, First heats in the water at 7:45 AM. After being postponed last weekend due to lack of surf, the CC Open (Corpus Christi) is on call this upcoming …Read the Rest

Red Tide Glow In The Dark Surfing

Normally a red tide is something that surfers steer clear from, but when that red tide turns into a disco party at night it is time to partake! For the last two weeks the red tide has started a “bio-luminescence” effect, where the crash of a wave or a surfer on a wave creates a …Read the Rest

“Piece of Mind” artshow and film by Jon Steele

Date: Oct 22, 2011 Re: “Piece of Mind” artshow and film by Jon Steele Additional art by Davis Eiermann, Chris Aeby, The Orchard Brothers & Chris Garcia What: 6 Artists, 1 short film and Live music by Will Crum Autograph Signing by Professional Surfer Mike Morrissey Cost: $10 Where: House Of Rock 511 Starr Street …Read the Rest

2,000 – 3,000 Sharks Caught Near South Padre Island

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens are currently in the process of disposing of a recent seizure containing the largest number of sharks ever taken off of South Padre Island. The juvenile sharks found consisted of mostly black tips, bonnet heads, and sharp nose that were trapped and killed in illegal gill net just …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight – Chris Kinsey

Wakesurfing in Texas is growing rapidly, and Chris Kinsey from San Angelo, Texas, is one of the rising stars of the sport. A senior at Central High School in San Angelo, Chris has taken advantage of the fact that San Angelo has 3 lakes (that is a lot for West Texas), and has grown up …Read the Rest

“One Beach” Premiere

Barefoot Wine premiered their film “One Beach” yesterday on Facebook, and will be releasing subsequent episodes posted weekly for the next five weeks. Surfing in Texas would like to thank Barefoot Wine and Jason Baffa for creating such a great film to help promote awareness and to encourage activism. We hope that this will provide …Read the Rest

All-volunteer coastal cleanup to draw about 10,000 beach lovers

Surfing in Texas encourages all Texas surfers, beach lovers, or those who want to help make a positive impact to attend the 25th annual Adopt-A-Beach cleanup! We will be out participating to help make a difference and help keep our beaches clean, and hope to see you all out at one of the 29 sites …Read the Rest

Local Spotlight: Port A H20

Mike Wagner has been a commercial diver, surfer, and avid waterman in Port Aransas (Port A) for over 15 yrs, but his career literally ‘took off’ when he began kiteboarding. Sponsored by Liquid Force,  Mike finds kiteboarding to be one of the most rewarding board sports for those willing to put the time in to …Read the Rest

Stand Up Paddle Board Race Benefiting Wildfire Victims

Paddle Zen is a great place to learn how to SUP in Austin, and are the only shop right on the water. They also are doing their part to help the victims of the Central Texas Wildfires, and will be holding SUP Out the Flames – Benefit for Central TX Wildfire Victims. All proceeds from …Read the Rest

Red Bull Minor Threat – Burning Man

We hope that everyone is staying safe during the fires in Texas right now, and that the fires that have destroyed over 1,000 homes will be contained soon. We came across this video awhile back, but thought it might be nice to see a different type of fire today after seeing all of the destruction …Read the Rest

Tropical Storm Lee: Rough Surf and Conditions Causes Drowning

Tropical Storm Lee – Producing Surf In Texas Due to the extreme conditions during a hurricane or tropical storm, we want to remind Texas surfers, swimmers, and bodyboarders to use caution while in the water during hurricane season in Texas. If you are not sure if you should paddle out, you probably shouldn’t. Sadly, over …Read the Rest

Orlando Man To Break The World Stand-Up Paddleboard Record

From North Texas to the Coast, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is growing as fast as any sport In Texas. One man, Matthew Crofton (from Florida), is taking the sport to the next level in his upcoming journey on a Stand Up Paddle Board far beyond the current record. From his Death Bed to the Mississippi …Read the Rest

Surfing Hurricane Irene

It should come as no surprise that it is hard for non-surfers to understand Hurricane Surf. Much in the same way that the first thing invariably asked by non-surfers is “Aren’t you afraid of sharks?” For those who don’t understand how swell works, Hurricane surf conjures up images of Bohdi paddling out through storm surge  …Read the Rest

12.5 Foot Tiger Shark Caught at Bob Hall Pier

Albert Zertuche has been fishing for decades off of Bob Hall Pier, and last week he had the catch of a lifetime. A 12.5 foot tiger shark was reeled in by Albert, and it is being reported that this may be the largest tiger shark captured off of the pier since the early 60′s to …Read the Rest

Surfing in North Texas: DFW Surf

Living over 400 miles away from the closest beach can be quite a challenge, and those deeply landlocked will be stoked to learn that they can now try Surfing in Texas in their own backyard! Wakesurfing has taken off in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (Austin has been known for its wakesurfing scene for quite some …Read the Rest

“Above & Below” The Collaborative art of Dinah Bowman and Jon Steele

If you are a Texas surfer (or appreciate amazing photography), the odds are that you have seen Jon Steele’s work (check our blogroll if you haven’t) covering Texas surf and professional surfers all over the world. Growing up in Corpus Christi, Jon learned his love for surfing in Texas at a young age. When Jon …Read the Rest

The Mauli Ola Foundation: Surf Experience Tour Making Four Stops in Texas

The Mauli Ola Foundation’s (MOF) goal is to introduce surfing as a natural treatment for people with genetic disorders. Founded in 2007, they have have focused on the healing connection between Surfing and Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The foundation has taken nearly 400 CF Patients surfing at more than 40 locations, and the MOF continues to …Read the Rest

Trip Report: Sayulita and Punta de Mita

Hungry for surf here in Texas this summer, Surfing in Texas decided to head to the Pacific Ocean for a week long surf trip to see how Sayulita and Punta de Mita were faring during this red hot summer. With a relatively short flight (brief layover in Phoenix), it wasn’t long before we were looking …Read the Rest

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Make Waves in the Surf World This Summer

Most of the time we find ourselves ensconced in primitive conditions on our surf trips.  We prefer the open air of beach camping to cramped motel rooms, and our budget places us more often in palapas than in luxury resorts.  When we are exploring  options for our next surf trip our first stop is over …Read the Rest

Texas Heat Wave Barrel

As the Texas heat wave continues, we are trying to stay cool and continue to watch and hope for some hurricane “Texas” sized surf during this hurricane season. Until then, here is a wave we can only dream about at the moment.

Hurricane Season: Tropical Storm Don Surf Update

Ask a Texas surfer about hurricanes in Texas, and they will tell you that hurricane season is fun time to be surfing in Texas! The latest tropical storm to come through to Texas was named Don, and the remnants began reaching the coast and producing surf  Friday morning. The surf increased in size throughout the …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Museum: “TOP GUNS OF TEXAS: The New Millenium of TGSA”

The Texas Surf Museum opened their new exhibit on Saturday June 4th, titled “TOP GUNS OF TEXAS: The New Millenium of TGSA”. The Texas Gulf Surfing Association is the centerpiece of the exhibit, with the new exhibit showcasing the top TGSA State Champions from the entire Texas coast over the last ten years. The Texas …Read the Rest

Shark Attack At Matagorda Island (Updated)

Last Thursday, on the remote Matagorda Island in Texas, Nicholas Vossler (a 12 year old boy) was attacked by what is believed to be a bull shark (bull sharks are common off of Matagorda Island). The shark attack occurred in 3 and ½ feet of water, and the boy’s father Cecil Vossler had to fight …Read the Rest

Surfside Beach: Babes and Waves

Jimmy Vegas, a rapping surfer from the Carolina’s recently stopped by Surfside Beach  for a little Surfing  in Texas. While driving across the country, Michael Powell, Ben Powell, and Jimmy Vegas made a pit-stop on the Northern Coast at Surfside beach. They caught some left-over swell from a tropical storm, with some swell rolling in …Read the Rest

Ain’t No Surf in Texas… And New York

We all know that there ain’t no surf in Texas, but did you know that New York is flat as well? If you did, you are not alone. Apparently most New Yorkers themselves do not believe that their home State has surf, and believe that the only thing that most New Yorkers ride is the …Read the Rest

Bull Shark Bites Boy on Mustang Island

What was planned as a fishing trip for the Hamilton family turned into a nightmarish weekend when their son Shawn was attacked by a bull shark on July 7th near Mustang Island. The shark attack occurred in waist high water off the second sandbar between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas near beach access road 2. …Read the Rest

Vintage Galveston (G Town)

Galveston (G-Town) is the Northern most surf destination on the Texas coast. Less than 60 miles from Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, Galveston is Texas’ most popular surf spot.  G town surf ranges from epic hurricane swell to to ankle crunchers and can be very inconsistent.  Because its often small, choppy …Read the Rest

SUP Guide: Flatwater to Surf and Rivers

The fastest growing sport in the USA is Stand Up Paddling (SUP). According to the Outdoor Industry Association, the sport has grown by 900% in the last year alone. To put the popularity of SUP into perspective, last year paddle boards outsold surf boards for the first time ever. Rob Casey is a longtime stand …Read the Rest

Texas Hurricane Forecast – 2011

Looking for ground swell in Texas? Good news, hurricane season is upon us (June 1st – November 30th), and that means hurricane surf! NOAA (National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration) has issued their 2011 Hurricane outlook, and they have predicted an above normal season in the Atlantic. NOAA is forecasting: 12-18 tropical storms (39 mph or …Read the Rest

Pirate Flash Mob Invades Lower Trestles

A flash mob of pirates recently invaded Lower Trestles. One-Eyed Wilie was not in attendance, but I’m sure his fellow pirates saved him a wave. The question is now when will the pirates invade our Texas surf? Are we safe? Captain Barbosa’s Raid On Lower Trestles from Jacob Epstein on Vimeo.

International Surfing Day – 2011

International Surfing Day started in 2004, and was created for surfers and surf enthusiasts across the globe to come together and celebrate surfing. ISD has grown to over 200 separate events in over 25 different countries. These events range from beach clean-ups, to paddle outs, to surf films being shown, to mangrove and dune restorations. …Read the Rest

SUP Texas: Flatwater Foundation Fundraiser

The Flatwater Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides access to mental health services for those in need affected by cancer. This summer, Lake Austin will provide the setting for the second annual Dam That Cancer fundraiser, a 21-mile stand-up paddle and party on Monday, June 20, 2011. When Dam That Cancer’s Founder Mark Garza’s father …Read the Rest

Updated: Bob Hall Pier, Corpus Christi: Hurley Rip My Shred Stick 2011 June 15th

Updated Below. Imagine having the infield from the Texas Rangers stop by your house to play a game of pepper in the back yard with your kids. How about getting in the cage with Josh Hamilton giving you some tips and he says, ‘you go ahead and try my bat.’ Work on your 3 step …Read the Rest

SUP Jam II Results

Austin, TX – SUP Jam II was held over Memorial Day weekend (founded and operated by Jeff Van Zandt), and it was a great event that provided competitive sup racing, entertainment for the whole family, and a great look at the evolution of the sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP). With 7 races being held, …Read the Rest

Shark Attack at Surfside Beach

For those of you who read our article about shark attacks in Texas, we have some news. There was a shark attack over Memorial Day weekend at Surfside Beach in Texas. A five foot bull shark attacked Kori Robertson while she was wading in waist high water on Follett’s Island (which is about 3 miles …Read the Rest

Sea Lice – What You Need to Know

If you have enjoyed the warm waters and surf of Texas’ beaches, then you have shared the same habitat as sea lice. Also know as sea louse, they thrive in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In the Texas surf you will find these sea lice in generally in a bloom or cloud …Read the Rest


Stand Up Paddling is very popular in Texas (ranked 5th in the country), and what a better way to celebrate than with the SUP JAM II in Austin, Texas. The second annual race takes place on Saturday, May 28th, during Memorial Day weekend in Austin Texas. The SUP Jam is series of Texas Stand Up …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Museum

The Texas Surf Museum is a place where Texas surfers can pay tribute to those who came before them, and find themselves surrounded by the history of surfing in Texas. Texas surfing has a rich history that dates back to the early 60′s, when Texans first started surfing in the Corpus Christi area. Today you …Read the Rest

BP Oil Spill: One Year Later…

Externality. In economics, an an externality (or transaction spillover) is a cost or benefit, not transmitted through prices, incurred by a party who did not agree to the action causing the cost or benefit. For example, manufacturing that causes air pollution imposes costs on the whole society as the producer does not take into account …Read the Rest

DVD Review: One California Day

Surfing in Texas had a chance to watch One California Day over the weekend, and it is safe to say that this film will help you get into a California “State” of mind. With 34 million people, 1,100 miles of coast, and one state of mind, Mark Jeremias and Jason Baffa show you the parallels …Read the Rest

Spring Break In Port A (2011)

We recently sent Surfing In Texas team member “Falcon” down to Port A for spring break 2011. Falcon was focused less on the Texas surf, and more on the booze. Which is good because spring break in Port A still comes down to several things: beer, beads, loud music, masses of people, more beer, stripper …Read the Rest

GLO Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup

Here is the official press release for the General Land Office’s Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup at the end of the month. We will be in Port A, and hope to see you all out helping protect our Texas surf! After we will all go Surfing in Texas together! AUSTIN — The 25 th annual Texas General Land …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Camp

Imagine if you could practice drop back drills with Drew Brees.  How about have Roger Clemens help you with your four seam fastball?  Work on your golf swing with Ben Crenshaw?  In the world of professional sports, these situations seem like fantasy.  In the world of surfing, they are reality. Morgan Faulkner is one of …Read the Rest


Matt Thomson grew up in Houston and as a young grom first surfed Galveston at age 12. By age 16, once they were able to drive, Matt and his crew were heading Galveston and Surfside on a regular basis. Graduating high school, Matt headed west to Pepperdine University located in the hills above Malibu. There …Read the Rest

Operation Comfort: Helping Wounded Soldiers Surf

Operation Comfort has operated at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, since 2004. They help wounded soldiers recover, and believe that sports play an important role in recovery. These sports range from cycling, softball, sled hockey, golf, surfing, and many more. Many of the wounded soldiers are amputees, and without this program would …Read the Rest

Seagypsy’s Photography and Last Swell

If you still believe that there ain’t no surf in Texas, we highly advise you to check out Seagypsy’s photos from South Padre Island and afar. Becky McCormack is the creator and photographer of the website, and is always covering the last swell in town. She always updates the pictures of people in the Texas …Read the Rest

Surfing In Minnesota

With the often lack of surf in Texas, we get very stoked to see others making the most of their less than desirable surf conditions. In Duluth Minnesota last week, the storm raging through the region generated waves (reportedly) up to six feet! With the water temperature at 38 degrees, and a wind chill temperature …Read the Rest

DVD Review: The Drifter

Surfing In Texas – We finally were able to check out The Drifter starring Rob Machado, and this movie is not your typical surf flick. You will not see huge airs, fast music, and a bunch of surfers charging. What you will see is Rob Machado wandering the globe and believing in the premise that …Read the Rest

World Water Day

Tuesday March 22nd is World Water Day, and here at Surfing In Texas we highly encourage you to participate in this cause. Whether you make an effort to reduce your water usage, or support groups such as the Surfrider Foundation, you can make a difference and help protect our oceans and beaches. World Water Day …Read the Rest

Surfside Beach Restoration Project

Surfside Beach was in desperate need of a face lift, and recently it received one by way of 167,500 tons of sand. This project will be the first steps to helping Surfside regain it’s iconic status. The GLO made this a top priority and said “Surfside Beach suffers from one of the highest erosion rates …Read the Rest

Texas Now Ranked 5th For Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

If you are in Texas and looking to get into Stand Up Paddle Surfing, you are not alone. According to Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine, Texas went from being the 9th most popular SUP State, to 5th in the United States. With the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s many lakes, Texas SUP is one of …Read the Rest

Surfrider Needs Our Help!

Whether you surf in Texas, or anywhere around the world, we strongly encourage you to help protect our favorite resource. You can help make a difference to protect our coastlines around the world. The Surfrider Foundation has been at the front of the fight to keep our world’s coastlines safe, and they need your help! …Read the Rest

Chicago Surf

Being a Texas Surfer means that you don’t always have ideal surf conditions. In Chicago, it means that even though it is 14 degrees outside, you’re still stoked! The Chicago Tribune recently was on site for these chilly surf conditions, and you can read the full article here. Here is what it is like to …Read the Rest

WaveGarden: Please Send Help to Texas!

Wavegarden (Extended) from wavegarden on Vimeo. In Aizarnazabal Spain, they have created a perfect wave on a river near the famous surfing town San Sebastian in Spain. This new surf spot was created by Wavegarden, and their vision is: “…gives people of all ages and surfing levels the ability to enjoy a beach environment and …Read the Rest

PBS: The State of the Gulf: America’s Sea

Set your DVR’s. The one-hour video documentary “The State of the Gulf—America’s Sea” will airs Thursday, February 24th on most Texas public television stations, taking a broad look at the Gulf of Mexico almost a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The program will air at 8 p.m. central time, Thursday, Feb. 24 on …Read the Rest

France Big Wave Contender

The Billabong XXL 2011 is well under way, and with Mavericks and Hawaii virtually asleep during what is normally big wave season, recent buzz has been building in Ireland, and now France with some huge surf rolling through. As seen in the video below, Benjamin Sanchis of Hossegor, France tows into a monster at Belharra …Read the Rest

Stand Up Paddle: North Texas

For those in North Texas, the Gulf Coast and the window for scoring Texas Surf is quite the venture. For those who can’t make the long trip, Stand Up Paddling is becoming more and more popular in Northern Texas (NTX). There are even Meet Ups for those looking to SUP, or learn how to SUP. …Read the Rest

A Piece of Surfing History made new again…

One of the things I wish I had hung onto was my first board.  Countless hours spent together we shared the thrill of victory and the excitement of total chaos (truthfully, there is no agony of defeat when it comes to surfing).  The Surfing Heritage Foundation of San Clemente has been looking for somebody to …Read the Rest

Jay Moriarity Biopic: Mavericks

Jay Moriarty was someone that I had the pleasure of surfing with and being around before he passed away. He was one of the nicest and most genuine people that I had ever met. He was larger than life, yet the most down to earth person you could come across. There have been talks of …Read the Rest

Jaws: Night Surfing and Skiing

In case you have missed it, several new types of wave riding have been surfacing on one of the heaviest waves on the planet (jaws), and have been shared with the world by GrindTv. Few have the guts to tackle this surf (in the daytime and on a surfboard), and it is crazy to see …Read the Rest

Rob Nixon Honored with Chapter Leadership Award at Surfrider Foundation 2010 Wavemakers!

A big shout out to Texas’ Rob Nixon who was honored with the “Chapter Leadership Award” at the 2010 Surfrider Wavemakers. SURFRIDER FOUNDATION HONORS 2010 WAVEMAKERS San Clemente, CA (February 7, 2011) – On Saturday, the Surfrider Foundation’s Board of Directors and Staff gathered at Irons in the Fire in San Clemente to honor the …Read the Rest

iPhone App – SurferBuddies – Check In!

If you are living in Oahu and want to “check in” to your favorite surf spot, there is an app for that. Surfer Buddies is a new App that let’s you check in to your favorite surf spots and share information with your friends. This App is currently only for Oahu, but hopefully we will …Read the Rest

Stand Up Paddle: Austin

While there is nothing that compares to being in the green room staring out the barrel of a wave, being a Texas waterman requires a certain level of ingenuity and an open mind. From tanker surf to standing waves to stand up paddling when it comes to getting stoked, Texans are willing to go the …Read the Rest

Surfrider – Protect Her From Harm and We’ll Send You a Charm

Surfing In Texas is an active member of Surfrider in Texas, and encourages you all to make a difference! Here is the chance to give your loved one a meaningful valentines day gift, and help protect our greatest resource! To donate, click here. Here is the article from Surfrider: Your Mother Ocean needs you. Her …Read the Rest

Standing Wave: Surfing San Marcos

In between Austin and San Antonio you can find a surprise surf spot at the Rio Vista Dam on the San Marcos River. A little standing wave surfing for those days you can’t make it to the coast.  If you are interested in giving standing wave a go, Texas Whitewater has the most comprehensive list …Read the Rest

DVD Review: Who is J.O.B.?

“There are filters between me and you. Unless you know me like my Dad does, assume you don’t know me. I am more than what the filters let you see. And less. WhoisJOB is my attempt to talk directly. Through my art, video. Its taken me 3 years to create an hour without filters. When …Read the Rest

Longboard Champ or Starbucks?

Becoming a professional surfer when you grow up is a dream that many share. For those who are Longboarders, you may want to think twice about your career path. Last years champ Harley Ingleby is an accomplished Longboarder, and yet the “Current world champion Harley Ingleby is reported to have earned little more than $30,000 …Read the Rest

An Open Letter to Surfside Mayor, Larry Davison

To:  Mayor Larry Davison, City of Surfside Beach, TX – Brazoria County As you may or may not know, we Texans are in a serious fight to keep our beaches safe, viable and open to the public. We are also trying to encourage the State to renourish beaches that have become eroded by whatever forces. …Read the Rest

Horse Surfing?

This seems like something that should have been invented in Texas: Horse surfing makes waves on Manatee County beaches My legs were quivering like tapioca pudding. Nerves? Some. But also a reaction to gripping Winnie’s belly with my knees so I wouldn’t get dumped into Palma Sola Bay. A.J. Tudor, one of our guides, had …Read the Rest

Texas State Championships: Surfer Magazine July 1968

Article from Surfhouse in Houston – Texas Oldest Traditional Surf Shop. Texas surfing really came of age when 15,000 fans jammed the beach at Galveston Island near Houston and watched Pat Harral and Pam Curtiss defend their titles in the second annual Texas State Championships. Harral and Curtiss were among 300 surfers in four divisions …Read the Rest

Surfrider Legal Blog: Wall it or Work with it.

No one better than a surfer can understand this concept. Surfing is about working with a force that is larger and more powerful than any of us will ever be. The circumstances might be different in California where the threat of hurricane is non existent and the Alaskan current keeps the beaches full of sand …Read the Rest

DVD Review: My Eyes Won’t Dry 3 Box Set

After 3 years in the making, Brian Conley takes viewers on a very deep ride from inside the tube. Brian began surfing as a young child, and his hometown is Solana Beach, CA.  Brian has been featured on the covers of both Surfer Magazine and Trans World Surf. If you are looking for new surf …Read the Rest

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Proving once again you just can’t keep a good surfer down, Richard long is returning to Mentawai to help rebuild the surf resort where he almost lost his life in a tsunami.  Hoping to give back a little to those who gave so much helping him survive and get home after the tragedy. From KHOU: …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Legend: Dempsey Holder

Dempsey Holder left west Texas for the big waves of the Southern California coast. and in true Texas style, back in the 1940′s  pioneered surfing the Tijuana Sloughs.  When it comes to west coast big waves people talk about Maverick’s, Ensenada Harbor and Todos Santos but the Sloughs are the original big wave west coast …Read the Rest

Jim Beam is the New Sponsor of The Jay at Maverick’s

Jim Beam is the new sponsor of The Jay, and it is great news that they are also donating $10,000 to the Save The Waves foundation. Article by Kylie Heintz Big Wave – Surfersvillage Long-time event coordinators and sponsors, today announced that Jim Beam has signed on to sponsor this year’s inaugural contest. ‘Jim Beam …Read the Rest

Steve Thomas and Noll Surfboards

Special thanks to now Texas surfer Matt Kuhn for his story about Steve Thomas and Noll Surfboards. You can view his blog and original post here. By Matt Kuhn: For a California surfer turned Texan for the last 3 years (this April), I was so stoked to receive a package from one of my friends …Read the Rest

Packery Channel to be dredged this fall

Packery Channel is the spot to be if you are surfing in Texas right in the coastal bend area. It looks like Packery Channel, a popular surfing and fishing spot between Padre and Mustang islands, will be re-dredged this fall. The City Council on Tuesday approved spending $177,000 to dredge accumulated sand from the channel. …Read the Rest

Texas Surf Roots

Surfing Corpus Christi and Port Aransas makes ESPN: By John Steele ESPN When Arcadia Publishing approached authors Dan Parker and Michelle Christenson last year to help produce a book on the history of surfing in Corpus Christi and Port Aransas the two thought they were being taken for a ride. After all, how much attention …Read the Rest

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational

It was a different kind of surf contest was held in Santa Cruz, CA last weekend, the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational rewards surfers for getting back to the roots of longboarding.  The rules are simple: single fins only; the longboards must be over 9-foot-2 in length and weigh more than 12 pounds; and no …Read the Rest

Alaska’s Longest Ride

Lookout Texas Tankers, surfers in Alaska have found a tidal bore that they can ride for five miles! For most surfers, a really long ride might last about 20 seconds and cover 50-60 yards, so imagine the thrill experienced by a group of standup paddlers recently when they rode waves for a distance of nearly …Read the Rest

Photography: Stuart Gibson

We recently came across Stuart Gibson, who is a premier photographer from Tasmania, Australia. Shooting from the beach on a pre-loved Canon film rig, Stu realised that he had stumbled onto a good thing, judging not only by the powerful images that he was capturing, but also by his outspoken, eager mates that were mildly …Read the Rest

The Wahine Project

I know what the groms  are thinking, “The wahine project? Sounds like the planning phase for another Saturday night. Not so bro! When you think about the stoke that surfing has brought into your life, that wonderful sensation you can close your eyes and feel know matter how far you get away from the beach. …Read the Rest

Death by Shark? Probably not in Texas!

After coming across Rob Nixon’s article about Wade Dunkin, I couldn’t help but become fixated on the image taken by Wade of a massive shark surfing a wave. Wade also has some great non-shark pictures that you can view here. As I continued to read comments from local Texas surfers about shark spottings at their …Read the Rest

Shark Attack Odds

Afraid of a shark attack in Texas? Consider this:

Epic Couch Surfing

British advertising photographer, Tim MacPherson’s portfolio is as deep as the Pacific Ocean. Whether it’s bringing action sports to life in your childhood home, or some sort of twisted college fantasy, his current portfolio will have you imagining all of the forts you never built as a kid; or the dorm room you never lived …Read the Rest

Interview with Surfrider CEO Jim Moriarty

From IdeaMensch Jim Moriarty is the CEO of the Surfrider Foundation and an innovative leader in the environmental and action sports communities. From a skateboarding punk-rock kid to an architect of the early days of e-commerce, Moriarty is obsessed with building companies and organizations around notable and world-altering ideas. Jim’s job as CEO of the …Read the Rest

Top 20 Surfers, Top 20 Waves, Top 20 Wipeouts!

We all end up on shore after a big day going over the waves of the day and trying to figure out what happened while we were out there on the edge, the moment the balance of power shifts from control to chaos.  Brian Beilmann is THE master at catching some moments so if you …Read the Rest

Police looking for burglar targeting surfers

Back in the day before the advent of electronic keys it was no problem to take your keys out with you in a key pocket or even stash them in or around your car or someplace you can keep an eye on them from the lineup. What to do with keys that can’t get wet? …Read the Rest

Surf Rats get Tubed

Life’s a beach for pet rats Fin and Tofu who made waves as the world’s only rodents that can – SURF. Dedicated Boomer Hodel, 14, has trained his two white rats to surf on custom-built 1ft long boards. Fin and Tofu, both one-year-old rats, regularly take to the sea and surf waves up to 4ft …Read the Rest

Tarp Surfing Coming to Texas?

With waves nowhere to be found in Texas, one has to wonder when tarp surfing will make its way to the Gulf? Tarp surfing was pioneered in Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz is a mecca for wave surfing, and was recently voted best surf town in the USA. It would seem that tarp surfing would …Read the Rest

Ruff Surf No Worry for Jack

A keen surfer braved ‘ruff’ seas at the weekend to hop on his board and ride the crest of a wave – with his PET DOG. Surfer Michael Naish, 22, taught Jack Russell Oli to balance on his board as he took to the surf in Sidmouth, Devon. He swam out with the four-year-old Jack …Read the Rest

South Padre Ban the Bag

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Following Brownsville’s lead, South Padre Island officials this week proposed eliminating plastic bags from local stores, saying the ban will help keep beaches spotless and reduce pollution on and around the Island. South Padre Island City Councilwoman Alita Bagley, who proposed an ordinance Wednesday that would ban plastic shopping bags from …Read the Rest

Surfing Lake Michigan

Park Township Clerk Skip Keeter captured these images of a die-hard surfer on an icy Lake Michigan near the end of James Street about noon on Saturday. Surfers frequently take to Lake Michigan in fall and winter in order to take advantage of waves stirred up by the seasonal prevailing winds. Thinking that ice formations …Read the Rest

Surfers Helping Surfers

Disabled surfers take on the waves By Rachel Pupazzoni For many people living with a disability, freedom of movement can be out of reach but thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, surfing is something they are able to do. The Disabled Surfers Association, which began in 1987 in New South Wales, is bridging the …Read the Rest

Michael Douglas gets wet…

He sank to less than 100lbs  just two months ago after treatment for throat cancer.  But a shirtless Michael Douglas looks close to his bouyant best after docs put him on a weight-gain diet.   The Wall Street star, 66, went body-boarding in Hawaii with Welsh actress wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, and their two children.   He …Read the Rest

Gulf Surfing Alaska Style

HOMER, Alaska – Glancing toward the shoreline on a drive down Homer Spit Road, it’s not uncommon to see surfers and kayakers enjoying Homer’s surf during the summer. Now that winter is here, they’re still at it. And despite how many times they are asked, “isn’t it cold?” it’s still apparently not – when surfers …Read the Rest