With Austin popping up on “Top Ten” lists for everything these days it is no surprise that the population in Austin is growing rapidly. With that population growth brings surfers, who despite being 4 hours away from the nearest Texas surf spot, still find stoke while overcoming the long  journey to the Texas Coast. Here is a a snippet from our friend Matt Thomson’s blog (who is a Texas surfer and founder of  Wavecation) that highlights the struggles that surfers in Austin, TX, go through to enjoy Texas surf. After reading this it will most definitely make you want to take a “Wavecation“.

A cold and dreary 3.5 hour dirve just wasn't gonna happen today - PHOTO BY WAVECATION

Snippet from Wavecation’s Blog:

It’s a cold, rainy morning in Austin, Texas.  My surfboards are still loaded in the bed of the truck, my towel, wetsuit and snacks still in the warm cab.

The surf journey began at 4 am this morning, and officially ended at 9:38, just 12 minutes ago. So how were the waves? I don’t know. Something happened… something that has never happened to me in my 21 years of surfing. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, I’m still sort of shocked and a little embarrassed. What happened you might ask, what sort of calamity befell me? It’s very simple really… I turned around.

After an hour and 15 minutes of driving with a simple spin of the steering wheel I sealed the fate of today as being the session that never would be.

The turnaround - Photo by Wavecation

I pulled the truck over to the side of a county road, did a quick u-turn and steered my wheels back North towards home.

What was the cause of this unforeseen unraveling of hours of planning, preparation and early morning miles on the road? One word… TWITTER.

Today ushered in a new era of my surf life because the mobile surf check became a part of my routine.

First let me give you a quick background. I’m a Texas surfer and proud of it. We’re a hardy bunch because we don’t get good waves and have to travel a lot to get good surf (hence the founding of Wavecation). A recent Surfrider Foundation study found that Texas surfers drive farther for waves than any other U.S. surfer population.

Personally, I drive 3.5 hours ONE WAY to get waves now. Living in Austin, Texas is great, one of the coolest towns on the planet as anyone will tell you. The only downside is the distance from the coast….

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