Shark Attacks By County

Shark attacks in Texas are not common, and unlike everything else in Texas, Texas sharks are not bigger than the great white sharks found in other surf spots across the globe (there are sharks at Bob Hall Pier).

Bull sharks are the most common sharks involved in shark attacks in Texas (you can find bull sharks in South Padre Island), but with only 34 total attacks (2 of them being fatal) since 1911, it is safe to say that you are probably going to have a shark free surf session in Texas. If you were in Florida, where there have been 623 attacks in that same time period, you may want to keep an eye out. There have been 19 (mostly a bite at the foot) shark attacks in Texas in the last 11 years (including shark attacks at Surfside beach and shark attacks at Matagorda Island), and if you are still scared of being eaten by a shark in Texas please click here.

Surfing in Texas covers all shark sightings in Texas, including Galveston shark attacks, Shark Fishing, Port A shark attacks, and Bob Hall Pier shark sightings.

13 Year Old Boy Bitten By Shark in Galveston (Updated)

Reports that a 13-year-old boy (from Odessa) was bitten by a shark in Galveston this morning. According to Galveston Beach Patrol, the boy and his brother were walking in the water near 37th Street at about 10am when they waded into a school of fish. As the boys turned back toward shore, the 13-year-old was …Read the Rest

12 Foot Tiger Shark Caught in Port Aransas

The odds of coming across a shark while surfing in Texas are not common, and there have only been 2 deaths from Shark attacks in Texas since 1911. With that being said, anglers are out fishing for sharks, and a Texas fisherman recently caught an 809-pound tiger shark. The massive 12 foot 7 inch tiger …Read the Rest

Galveston Shark Attack

After zero shark attacks in Texas in 2013, there has been the first Texas shark attack in 2014. Teenager Mikaela Amezaga, was in waist high water in Galveston (G-Town) when she felt something bump into her back. She didn’t feel any pain or see the shark, but with the half-moon, mirror skin breaks on her …Read the Rest

One-Ton Great White Shark Headed To Texas

As Texas surfers we have always known that we share the Texas surf with sharks, but the truth is that shark attacks are not common in Texas, and the most common shark attack  (a bull shark) is almost never fatal. However, a 14 foot long, 2,300 pound great white shark is truly something that is …Read the Rest

Baby Shark Bites Man’s Chest in Matagorda

Drinking Lone Star Beer and holding sharks may not go hand in hand (no pun intended). In all seriousness, if you are fishing in the Texas surf, and in this case at Matagorda Beach, one should always exercise caution when holding a shark (to avoid injury to the shark or yourself). In this case, a …Read the Rest

Galveston Man Dragged Out To Sea By Shark

Surfing in Texas is dedicated to providing Texas surfers and beach goers real time updates on shark attacks in Texas, to prove that the odds of you coming into a contact with a shark in Texas is very low while surfing or swimming on a Texas beach. However, if you are out looking for sharks …Read the Rest

Huge Tiger Shark Caught Near Packery Channel

  After nearly 3.5 hours of reeling, a 12 foot tiger shark was finally caught by Wayne Wimer, South of the Packery Channel, on South Padre Island near Corpus Christi, Texas. Large Tiger sharks are rarely seen in and captured in Texas, and after taking pictures and placing a tracker on this huge tiger shark, …Read the Rest

Surfside Shark Attack

SURFSIDE, TX – After no shark attacks in Texas in 2012, the first shark attack in Texas in 2013 occurred yesterday in Surfside, Texas. A 15 year old boy was in waist high water when a shark bit his leg, with type of shark still being unknown at this point. The brave teenager was able …Read the Rest

No Shark Attacks in Texas in 2012

Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to be the more dangerous animal than sharks year after year. In 2012, 53 people were victims of shark attacks in the United States (there were 80 shark attacks worldwide), killing 7, while 70 MILLION sharks were killed by people in 2012. 53 reported shark attacks last year was …Read the Rest

Happy Shark Week

While we live by the motto “live every week like it’s shark week” here at surfing in Texas, we are still super stoked that this week is the Discovery Channel’s epic 25th annual Shark Week. We are also stoked that sharks are being portrayed in positive light, and not just as ruthless killers. It is …Read the Rest

Sharks Attack Whale Carcass

Happy Friday to everyone from surfing in Texas! Here are two different looks (with two different soundtracks) at sharks feeding on a whale carcass on WA’s Ningaloo reef. There’s been some surf this week, let’s hope we get some storm surf in Texas soon!

Surfing and Sharks

As Texas surfers we are always aware of the man in the grey suit (you can view all our coverage on Texas shark attacks here), and believe that they are beautiful and majestic animals. With that being said, we were stoked to come across the new documentary “Surfing and Sharks“. Here is the overview of …Read the Rest

Shark Attacks In Texas: 2011 Review

In 2011 we had the most shark attacks in Texas since 2005. With that being said, with  millions of visitors to Texas beaches annually there were only three shark attacks in our Lone Star State in 2011, and none of them were fatal. One of the three attacks in 2011 was a shark attack at …Read the Rest

Happy New Year From Surfing In Texas!

After a much needed break from the Interwebs we would like to wish everyone a happy 2012! We hope that everyone has been getting surf in Texas over the last several weeks, and we’re stoked on what waves and surf that Texas will bring in 2012! Here are some of our favorites from the break. …Read the Rest

Sardine Feeding Frenzy in South Africa

Surfing in Texas – This video by Mark van Coller off Port St Johns, Transkei, South Africa during the Sardine Run 2010 is another example of how amazing our earth’s oceans truly are. With sardines, sharks, whales, dolphins, birds, and the deep blue this amazing video highlights what we as Texas surfers often forget about …Read the Rest

18 Foot Great White Shark Circles Boat

We all know that there ain’t know surf in Texas, and luckily for us there ain’t no great white sharks in Texas either! This video still gives us the creeps, and let’s just hope you don’t come across one of these guys on a Stand Up Paddle Board in your lifetime.

Bull Shark Catch and Release at SPI

We would like to thank our friend and fellow Texas surfer Rob Nixon for spotting this on Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Facebook page. South Padre Island surfer David Daigle landed and released this Bull Shark at Isla Blanca Park. Here is the a picture that is definitely worth a thousand words! If you are afraid …Read the Rest

12.5 Foot Tiger Shark Caught at Bob Hall Pier

Albert Zertuche has been fishing for decades off of Bob Hall Pier, and last week he had the catch of a lifetime. A 12.5 foot tiger shark was reeled in by Albert, and it is being reported that this may be the largest tiger shark captured off of the pier since the early 60′s to …Read the Rest

Shark Attack At Matagorda Island (Updated)

Last Thursday, on the remote Matagorda Island in Texas, Nicholas Vossler (a 12 year old boy) was attacked by what is believed to be a bull shark (bull sharks are common off of Matagorda Island). The shark attack occurred in 3 and ½ feet of water, and the boy’s father Cecil Vossler had to fight …Read the Rest

Bull Shark Bites Boy on Mustang Island

What was planned as a fishing trip for the Hamilton family turned into a nightmarish weekend when their son Shawn was attacked by a bull shark on July 7th near Mustang Island. The shark attack occurred in waist high water off the second sandbar between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas near beach access road 2. …Read the Rest

Shark Attack at Surfside Beach

For those of you who read our article about shark attacks in Texas, we have some news. There was a shark attack over Memorial Day weekend at Surfside Beach in Texas. A five foot bull shark attacked Kori Robertson while she was wading in waist high water on Follett’s Island (which is about 3 miles …Read the Rest

Death by Shark? Probably not in Texas!

After coming across Rob Nixon’s article about Wade Dunkin, I couldn’t help but become fixated on the image taken by Wade of a massive shark surfing a wave. Wade also has some great non-shark pictures that you can view here. As I continued to read comments from local Texas surfers about shark spottings at their …Read the Rest

Shark Attack Odds

Afraid of a shark attack in Texas? Consider this: