We are always stoked to discover new avenues for Texas surfers to share their stoke for surfing in Texas, and when we came across the TexasSurfNetwork, an interactive community of just that, we were excited to find out more about their community that is spreading the stoke around Texas. We caught up with the founder and creator Brian to find out more about their new surf community, and what their vision is for bringing the TexasSurfNetwork together.

SIT: How did the TexasSurfNetwork come to fruition?

TSN: Like most things in life TexasSurfNetwork started as a very simple idea.  Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine had just ended production of both its paper and online publications, and Surfing in Texas did not exist yet.  We just wanted to do a surfing website that included both global content and Texas content.  We wanted to do something fun, and we especially wanted to give Texas its own section on the site kind of as a showcase area to show all the best of Texas Surfing through articles, videos, and images.

SIT: Does the Texas Surf Network specifically cater to surfers in Texas?

TSN: Yes.  Although we have stories from all around the globe, we have a special “Texas” section in the Surf, Skate, and Stand Up Paddle areas of the site to provide a show case area for Texas Surfers, Skaters, and Stand Up Paddle enthusiasts to show off, share, discuss, and discover all the best of Texas Surf, Skate, and Stand Up Paddle.  As time has passed, the platform has grown and changed significantly from when we first started planning to an online community approach that has features like member profiles, voting, commenting, private messaging, sharing, and much more.

SIT: Tell us more about the creative process and what your vision is for the future of the TexasSurfNetwork?

TSN: TexasSurfNetwork is a work in progress.  We don’t really have a formalized process for developing the site.  We are not programmers, publishers, or media moguls.  We are surfers, skateboarders, and have recently started getting into stand up paddle.  Our creative process is simply to think of stuff we like.  The site right now is kind of a mix of all the stuff we like, and set up to do things we like or things that we have thought, “hey – that would be cool” if there was a site like that. Our vision for the site is that the community will take an active role in what the site becomes as we grow.  We will be introducing a feedback section in the coming week’s that will be a place where members and us can share and discuss ideas for new features, functionality and design.  At the end of the day we want to have a place on the internet that really meets the needs of the community and lets them share, discuss, and discover the things that are important or interesting to them, or simply hang out, be entertained, and have fun.

SIT: We were super stoked to see all of the fresh content on your site. What are some of the unique features of the TexasSurfNetwork that help keep content fresh?

TSN: Our unofficial slogan is “TexasSurfNetwork puts the power back in your hands”.  We do this by not having editors, and allowing the community members to decide what content goes on the site.  One thing that really sets TexasSurfNetwork apart from any other surf or action sport’s site’s on the internet is the ability for the members to have full participation and contribute to the site.  Members can do more than just vote, comment, and discuss.  They can do more than just upload their own images and videos.. All the content is submitted by the members.  They can create and submit their own blog or column directly on the site or bring it in to the site if they already write a blog somewhere else, which helps them expand their reach.  They can upload and submit their own images and videos or submit images and videos from anywhere on the internet.  They can write their own articles, column’s, and review’s or submit them from anywhere on the internet.  Then through activities like voting, commenting, sharing, etc. the most popular or trending topics rise to the top and get displayed on the front page.

SIT: Can anyone become a member and submit content to the site?

TSN: Yes anyone can  join and submit content. Registration is fast, easy, and FREE! Plus, everything that is brought into the site is linked back out to the source of the story.  We are very excited about this platform, as it allows for a free flow of information, ideas, and sharing. A place to not only explore, discuss, and share, but be discovered. We can’t wait to see what people will bring in, and what new things we will discover in the process.  We hope that people will embrace this platform and the site will become a melting pot of everything Surf, Skate, and SUP from everywhere; for everyone to enjoy.

SIT: Thanks so much for sitting down with us Brian. Any final thoughts from a fellow Texas surfer?

TSN: I’ve been lucky enough to have lived and surfed on all three coasts of the United States, as well as a few other places, and what I’ve found is that riding waves is always fun, no matter where you do it.”

SIT: Awesome! Thanks again for chatting with us!

Make sure that you join the community at www.texasurfnetwork.com for all of your Texas surf, skate, and SUP info.

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