Looking for you local Texas Surf Spot? Choose an area for Texas Surf or look at the map below to find your local surf break. You can also check the surf report for your local break to make sure that you find better Surf In Texas up and down the Third Coast. Make sure that you also check our Texas surf cameras to know what the surf will be like before you head out. For forecasting, you can also check  the wave model and surf report displays from G Town to South Padre Island that includes Galveston (G-Town), Surfside, Matagorda, Port A, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island.

Ready to paddle out and to go surfing in Texas? Here is a overview for Galveston (G-Town), Surfside, Matagorda, Port A, Corpus Christi, or South Padre Island so you know what gear to bring:

Month Water Tempature (F) Wetsuit Wave Height
Jan/Feb 59°-65° Fullsuit 3/2 3-4 Feet
Mar/Apr 66°-68° Fullsuit 3/2 2-3 Feet
May/Jun 75°-84° Boardshorts 1-2 Feet
July/Aug 80°-87° Boardshorts 1-2 Feet
Sep/Oct 75-78° Boardshorts 3 Feet
Nov/Dec 66°-69° Springsuit 3-4 Feet

Check out our Surfing in Texas beach guide to find your local break!

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