Matagorda: Photo Austin Howard

Matagorda: Photo Austin Howard

Matagorda is a remote Texas Surf destination, that has a series of surf spots near the Colorado river mouth at the end of highway 60. It has deep waters offshore, resulting in the waves packing more punch than other spots on the upper coast. It is an exposed beach, that breaks in shallow water. This is a great place to get heavy Texas surf, where you can get dragged and scrapped across the rigid bottom. The river mouth produces a good break, and you can also find surf along the north end of the angled pier. You can catch great waves there that get hollow on a decent swell.

North of the pier you will see miles of hard breaking waves, and depending on the sandbar you can find decent peaks. The beach break is heavier here than in Surfside or Galveston, and is hardly ever crowded. The Northwest winds blow offshore, and wind swell and groundswell make it to Matagorda. The best swells are groundswells that come in from the East. You will find mostly rights up and down the beach. Look out for riptides, currents, shallow water with rocks, jellyfish, and the occasional shark.

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