Surfside Beac TexasSurfside Beach provides quality surf on the Texas Gulf Coast. It has deeper waters than Galveston, and very long jetties. The deep water is only 8 miles off shore in Surfside, vs. 35 miles in Galveston, and results in producing much more consistent surf.

The south side on Quintana is generally smaller and the waves have less shape between the fishing pier and the jetties. It stays clean when the wind is blowing from the Northeast to East, while Surfside during the same conditions would be blown out. Outside of the Quintana jetty is mysto-break, that breaks on an giant east swell as it comes across the channel wall and jetty. It can hold up to double over head waves, and these conditions, produce great barrels. It is a difficult paddle out and the lineup can be intimidating.

North of Surfside you will find the break “Assholes” (named after the surfers feelings towards the homeowners), and can provide consistent surf with waves that break nearly onshore. You can reach Assholes by a road that passes through the houses at the break.

Boilers is the next spot you will come across, and is located at the spot of the submerged Confederate Blockade Runner, the Acadia. The boiler stacks are exposed, and that is why it is named Boilers. The sand bar builds off of the buried ship, and can create a hollow wave depending on the buildup.

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