Corpus Christi Surf

Corpus Christi Lineup

The Corpus Christi and Port Aransas (Port A) area is know as the Coastal Bend of Texas. It pulls in some of the best surf in Texas, and this is also one of the windiest places on the coast. Many of the breaks have heavy currents and riptides. The locals in the area are very friendly (Packery Channel and Bob Hall Pier get a little localized).

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Port Aransas

At the North end is St Joes Island, the island is uninhabited and you must travel there by boat or ferry. It needs a strong and large South or East swell to break, and you can find clean lines here when the winds turn offshore.

Horace Caldwell Pier - Port A

Horace Caldwell Pier

The Aransas Pass Jetties break on a NE swell, and do not handle the South swells well. Further South is the Horace Caldwell Pier. The pier is a large structure and forms a nice sandbar as the waves break off the pier. There are currents that can be strong at this surf spot.

The Packery Channel

Packery Channel North Jetty

The beach opens up heading south, where you will reach the Fish Pass located in Mustang Island State Park. The jetties block the wind and break the rip currents up, helping the surfers battle the current surf spot. There is a quick take off and the waves have great form here.

Corpus Christi

J.P. Luby Park is an old broken pier, where the surf can be solid under the right swell and conditions. There is always a strong current, and there is always a party on the beach when the weather cooperates. There are longer jetties here where you will find more protection from the wind than you will find at the State Park.

Next you will find a large beach at North Packery Channel beach. This spot was formed with the construction of Packery Channel, which is the separating line in between Mustang and Upper Padre Island. The jetties were finished in 2006, and the beach has become a hot spot, and is packed during spring break and the summer months. The break here is protected from the wind depending on the direction, and can produce some great waves. The South Packery Jetty Beach is usually good if the North Packery Channel beach isn’t working, or vice versa.

Bob Hall Pier Surf

Bob Hall Pier

Further down the beach is Bob Hall Pier. This is the most competitive and crowded surf spot in the area. Bob Hall Pier can hold very large surf, and are some of the best barrels in Texas. This also a place where fisherman catch sharks.

To travel further down the coast, you will need a four wheel drive vehicle. The Big Shell is about halfway down the island (20 miles),  and you will see crushed shells everywhere when you get there. The waves break heavy at the Big Shell, and Little Shell is slightly further down. Both breaks are similar and the waves break upon the smashed Giant Gulf Clam Shells.

At the end of the Island lies the North Jetty and the Port Mansfield cut. There are rarely people here, and usually you will only see fisherman

Surf Bob Hall Pier

$2 Admission to Bob Hall Pier

in these parts. A South Swell can create nice tubes, and with west winds the waves have great shape, and you are usually alone.


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