Bob Hall Pier

The Corpus Christi and Port Aransas (Port A) area is know as the Coastal Bend of Texas. It pulls in some of the best surf in Texas, and this is also one of the windiest places on the coast. Many of the breaks have heavy currents and riptides. The locals in the area are very friendly (Bob Hall Pier gets a little localized).

The border between the city of Port Aransas and the city of Corpus Christi is situated south of Fish Pass, just north of the J.P. Luby Surf Park. The Surf Park was, at one time, a destination for Texas surfers, but a hurricane destroyed the pier, turning it into a secondary destination for spring breakers who get duped into coming to Corpus Christi instead of South Padre Island. State Highway 358 also bears the name of South Padre Island Drive. Unscrupulous vacation bookers in the Corpus Christi area sometimes advertise to the spring break crowd on behalf of hotels and resorts that are within spitting distance of the SPID. Some college students may not be familiar with south Texas, so they spend their spring break in Corpus Christi instead of the MTV-famed South Padre Island. Still others choose Corpus Christi over ‘Dre, as Corpus Christi offers more variety in clubs, restaurants, hotels and shopping than the party 80 miles south.

Packery Channel

Next you will find a large beach at North Packery Channel beach. This spot was formed with the construction of Packery Channel, which is the separating line in between Mustang and Upper Padre Island. The jetties were finished in 2006, and the beach has become a hot spot, and is packed during spring break and the summer months. The break here is protected from the wind depending on the direction, and can produce some great waves. The South Packery Jetty Beach is usually good if the North Packery Channel beach isn’t working, or vice versa.

Bob Hall Pier Lineup

Further down the beach is Bob Hall Pier. This is the most competitive and crowded surf spot in the area. Bob Hall Pier can hold very large surf, and are some of the best barrels in Texas. This also a place where fisherman catch sharks.

To travel further down the coast, you will need a four wheel drive vehicle. The Big Shell is about halfway down the island (20 miles),  and you will see crushed shells everywhere when you get there. The waves break heavy at the Big Shell, and Little Shell is slightly further down. Both breaks are similar and the waves break upon the smashed Giant Gulf Clam Shells.

At the end of the Island lies the North Jetty and the Port Mansfield cut. There are rarely people here, and usually you will only see fisherman in these parts. A South Swell can create nice tubes, and with west winds the waves have great shape, and you are usually alone (maybe see a few sharks).

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