We all end up on shore after a big day going over the waves of the day and trying to figure out what happened while we were out there on the edge, the moment the balance of power shifts from control to chaos.  Brian Beilmann is THE master at catching some moments so if you want some stoke, check out the slide show in the Telegraph sports section:

Flea wipes out, photo Brian Beilmann

The world’s best surfers travel the globe to surf the biggest and best waves on the planet. Surf photographer Brian Bielmann follows them and captures stunning images of them not only surfing the waves but also of them spectacularly ‘wiping-out’. This is the picture Brian considers to be his most dramatic wipeout shot. It shows his friend Flea going into a massive tumble while trying to ride a huge wave at a surf contest in Hawaii, where a prize of fifty thousand dollars was up for grabs. After this wipeout, Flea was held under the water for 30 seconds. Brian says it was the biggest wipeout he had seen in 30 years  Besides Daryl “Flea” Virostko there are also pictures of  Kohl Christianson, Chaba Greenlee, Mark Healy, the late Mark Foo, Bruce Irons, Kalani Chapman, Noah Johnson, Cody Graham, Tim Jones, and absolute juice at Teahupoo, Tahiti

See the full slideshow

Check out Brian Bielmanns webpage.  In fact book mark and take a peek anytime you need some stoke!

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