When Texas surfers aren’t keeping an eye out for hurricane surf or morning glass, they are often keeping an eye out for surf trips to combat the flat days that Texas surfers know all so well (remember that there ain’t no surf in Texas).

Whether it is a surf trip to Nicaragua, or a quick flight to Rincon, Puerto Rico, there are many affordable surf trips that Texas surfers can take. After taking a long look at a much needed Wavecation, we decided to head to Baja for 3 weeks to see what solace we could find amidst the flat Texas summer. With plenty of storm activity and hurricanes rolling through this time of year, we were super stoked that we scored good surf most of the trip!

If you can brave the drug cartels, federales, corrupt police, dirt roads, cheap beer, deadly highways, cheap tequila, amazing tacos, and every other stereotype that is probably not true (minus the cheap beer and amazing tacos), then the uncrowded surf breaks of Baja may be the place for you.

Chances are you end the trip with more friends than you began it with, and the locals in Baja are some of the friendliest people on the planet. Then again, so are Texans!

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