While many Texas surfers head south to places like Costa Rica and Mexico for surf trips, we were super stoked to find out more about a place in La Salinas, Popoyo, Nicaragua.

While Nicaragua may not be the first place someone looks when they are not thinking about surfing in Texas, it is a  no brainer trip for Texas Surfers. There is a direct flight out of Houston straight to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, and upon your arrival you are greeted by our friends at Two Brothers Surf Resort. The resort has been family owned and operated for the last nine years on the West coast of Nicaragua; and it is only a 2 hour drive from the airport (where they will have you in barrels in no time).

We were super stoked to talk to founders Robert and Susan about their journey to Nicaragua, and they told us that one of the main reasons they chose their location was because Nicaragua was so safe: “…at the time we were living in Elands Bay South Africa.  South Africa became a little too sketchy with our young children, so we decided to relocate to Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is the safest country in Latin America.  It has been a great place to raise the boys – they have had the freedom to roam the spectacular county-side and surf some of the most consistent waves in the world”.

Not only is it safe, there is amazing surf there: “there are approximately 30 surf breaks in an 8 mile area – the lake effect from Lake Managua is unique only to this area in Nicaragua, giving us offshore winds 325 days a year.  It is never under waist to chest high and can hold up to 40 feet.  There are waves for all levels of surfer – sand and beach breaks, reef, points, lefts and rights”.

As mentioned on previous surf trip reports our goal as Texas surfers is to score consistent waves throughout the trip (and hopefully score some point breaks firing along the way). With Two Brothers their goal is to put you on the best wave at the exact time of day for your level of surfing.  This increases your wave count 50 fold.

Two Brothers (named after their two boys Marsh and Auggie) sets on top of a 460-foot hill, directly above the ocean giving a 360-degree view that is breathtaking.  On one side you watch the sun rise over the volcanoes and make its way toward the ocean for unparalleled sunsets.  You can check 11 breaks out from Two Brothers –  If planning a surf trip from Texas and you only have a week, this is a great choice where you will be assured of waves.  Other positives include that surfing is relatively new in Nicaragua (about 8 years), so there is no localism, few crowds, and good vibes.  Most days it will be only you on waves with just you and your buddies.

We highly recommend that you check out Two Brothers Surf Resort, and here is are all the details about your next potential surf trip courtesy of Two Brothers Surf Resort!

Two Brothers Surf Resort has two ways to go – full service and accommodation only – if you are coming for under two weeks I recommend full service – a typical day starts at sunup with your guides and chef preparing coffee and breakfast.  Depending on the tides and swell directions, breakfast will be taken with us or enjoyed in the dining room.  The guides load the boards, food and fishing gear on the 4-wheel drive vehicles either to the Two Brothers boat Endless Summer or to surf spots up or down the beaches.  This all happens around 5:30 AM – then it’s off to surf and fish.  Sometimes we come back to the resort for lunch, depending on swell and tides, other times we will stay out until dark.  Remember you are almost on the equator so it gets light at 5:10 and dark at 5:20 – 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.  A large dinner is awaiting you back at the camp, prepared by our Chef Henry Lopez.  We take photos during the day with our 50-500 lens so everyone like to see the footage from the day after dinner.  If anyone can still move we have surf videos, ping pong, weight room, boxing and a masseuse to erase the days aches.

Accommodation only is you renting a villa.  You are on your own for meals and transportation.  There are a dozen restaurants in the area, 3 small stores and fruit and vegetable trucks daily.  If the boat is not being used for all-inclusive guests then you can hire it out.  We will direct you to where the waves will be best that day.  Nicaragua is a little different than Texas – since we have offshore winds most everyday, all day, we don’t worry about the wind.  We play the swell directions and tides.  We may surf as many as 4 places in a day, hitting the tides exactly for the best set up.

Popoyo Beach Lodge, our sister lodge we opened in 2010 and is accommodation only.  It sets directly on the beach in from of one of the best, most consistent beach breaks in Nicaragua – rights and lefts with a sand bottom.  This is a lodge with a communal kitchen.  It is walking distance to 10 breaks in the area.  We rent boards, bikes and also will arrange transportation to and from the airport.  We offer surf lessons.

Thank you for taking time to read this.  Any questions please call Two Brothers Surf Resort at 904-808-0524 or visit our websites at www.twobrotherssurf.com OR www.popoyobeachlodge.com

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