Surfing in Texas Who is JOB 3.0

Party Wave in Port A

Jamie O’ Brien and his crew concluded their epic surf trip to Texas in this week’s episode of Who is JOB 3.0. The episode starts on day 18, where Jamie is in Port Aransas, Texas (Port A), when Jamie and the boys led by Morgan Faulkner take out a 60 foot yacht for some Texas wake surfing. They were told that “these were the biggest waves that they were going get in in Texas”, and Jamie and the crew made the most of it. From high speed surfing, to party waves, to inflatable rafts, along with the¬†occasional mid-ride beer, Jamie’s crew was super stoked from wake surfing in Texas. Next they headed to Austin, Texas, and checked out the Texas Ski Ranch. Lesson learned from Jamie, “if the rope goes slack, let it go”. After Austin they headed back West, on a 16 hour leg to Tempe, Arizona. We were super stoked to follow Jamie O’ Brien and the crew on their trip, and we hope to see them back in the Texas surf soon!

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